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Donald Sterling

Surrenders Control of Clippers

... to Shelly

5/23/2014 6:49 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF


Donald Sterling is no longer the controlling owner of the Los Angeles Clippers ... TMZ Sports has learned he just surrendered control to his estranged wife, Shelly Sterling, and she is now secretly negotiating with the NBA to sell the team ... ON HER TERMS.

Sources close to the Clippers organization tell us ... Donald made the decision because he saw the handwriting on the wall -- as long as he remained in control, the NBA would order an involuntary sale of the team.

Our sources say Shelly and her lawyer, Pierce O'Donnell, have been secretly meeting with NBA Commissioner Adam Silver and NBA lawyers to "resolve the dispute amicably."    We're told Shelly realizes the NBA wants the team sold, but she has significantly more leverage and credibility with the league than Donald.  Her end game is simple -- she won't object to the sale, but SHE wants to call the shots.

Our Sterling sources say Shelly is prepared to sue the NBA and she will file legal docs (not the suit itself but papers laying out her case) on Tuesday if the NBA orders an INVOLUNTARY sale.  She's down with a sale but only a voluntary one that puts her in control.  

Attorney Pierce O'Donnell would not comment on this story, but did say, "Shelly Sterling's preference has always been to find a way to resolve this dispute amicably with the NBA in a mutually satisfactory manner." 

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I think Shelly should get 3 Billion for the LA Clippers,
look at the Dodgers,
Same neighborhood, better venue,

buy low...sell high......

120 days ago



120 days ago


I really don't care who owns the team, just give us some good basketball. It's a sure thing the Sterling ' s won't continue to own the LA Clippers.

120 days ago



120 days ago


Who the f*** cares if he is a racist !!!!!!! Is he killing anyone ????? Is he starting a hate group ????? Like really ????? Wtf !!! The Who cares !!! The NBA is sh*t the stupid **** ppl make a big deal about !!! Who cares !!!!!! He shouldn't be forced to do anything ! He was recorded !!! He wasn't going around to every black person that worked for him and calling them names etc ... Get the f*** over it already !!!!!!! Good for her I hope she sells it for a billion or half a billion !!!!

120 days ago


They set him up because he is white and now the blacks want to own sports team and this is the only way they know how to do it. He should fight and keep on fighting and if the other white owners of teams think they aren't coming for them they are in for a big surprise!

120 days ago


Shelly Sterling is as dumb as she is greedy. She lost several lawsuits because of her illegal and racist behavior. She triggered this new fiasco herself by suing Stiviano, who got the ultimate revenge by giving the tape to her friend to give to TMZ. Karma is finally catching up with this nasty couple.

120 days ago


I don't agree w his views! I am married to a black woman! But it is a sad day in America when you can NOT express your own views!!! Let alone express them in your own house!!! Goodbye America!!! Hello communist China!!!

120 days ago


He said crap About Mexicans as well but no one says anything about that

120 days ago


I thought that I read that NO Sterling family member could own the team. I guess it depends on the day, sheesh. How are we supposed to know what is real and what isn't?

120 days ago


We live in a country where blacks can call whites all kinds of names, but a white successful business owner uses the word we all know is a word black folks call themselves and all of this. It is nonsense. I say he should be given the entire NBA because I applaud him for what he said and what he has had to deal with.

120 days ago


Hahahaha run your mouth lose your stuff, go to work and say racial stuff to any race and you will lose your job and other things so how bout you just don't use racial words, that simple

120 days ago


It's okay to be racist.. you just don't want to be know as being as racist.

120 days ago


This is America ...The Chinese will own the Clippers.

120 days ago

Just My Opinion    

This is the most stupidest thing I have ever f*cking heard of. This race $#!^ has gotten WAY out of control. Since when is saying "black people" instead of "the N word" a crime, with an illegal punishment that is looked over, that can force someone (in this case an old man) into selling what they own? How come blacks can call us white bread, white trash, whitey...etc, and we can't force the same punishment on them? If a black man said to his then mistress, don't you be bringing no white people to my games, not a damn thing would be said about it, and he would not be force to sell his team.

120 days ago
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