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Rob Kardashian

Please, No Photos!

Fled Wedding Over Family Pics

5/25/2014 1:35 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

0525-rob-kardashian-and-family-x17-getty-01The reason Rob Kardashian ditched his big sister Kim's wedding was simple ... he didn't want to take wedding pics because of his weight gain.

Sources close to the Kardashian clan tell TMZ ... Rob has become so insecure and depressed about his appearance ... he refused to be in the family wedding pics, despite his family's encouragement.

We're told the Kardashians were heartbroken and tried to support Rob, saying he doesn't look bad ... but he still wasn't down to pose

Things got heated because the more they insisted, the more Rob dug in his heels ... and eventually he made the call to fly home alone.


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so wait you want me to believe he bailed on his sisters wedding because they wanted him to take pics and he didnt want to?? riiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiight kris kardashian in spin mode today.

129 days ago


I dislike the Kardashians a whole lot... But that was very selfish of Rob to leave his sister's wedding because he made a personal decision to become a fat ass pig...

129 days ago


How could they say he looks good? He looks awful! Compared to his sisters' antics and LOVE of slutiness and publicity, he is a NOTHING! I am sure their actions have made him the way he is now. With all their money, can't they get a top notch trainer to help him IF he wants the help? Compared to what he used to look like, he does look awful.

129 days ago


He lives in Southern Caly year around where its 70 and sunny every freaking day and this idiot gets fatter

129 days ago


kris kardashian wants you to believe he flew all the way out to italy for a wedding (you know an event where they take pics of the family together) then go mad that they wanted to take pics with doesnt simply leave in a wim flying across the ocean to get away from taking a picture.

129 days ago


Society is horrible!!!! Just because someone is overweight, who the hell are we to judge? Instead try to encourage him to become healthy and back on track. I'm sure he reads this!

129 days ago


What's the difference if he stayed for pictures or not. .. This family are professional liars and photoshoppers.

129 days ago


Why doesn't TMZ leave him alone and that's not the reason he fled. He left because Kris did a toast at the pre wed dinner and said Kanye was the son she always wanted! That bitch is saying that with the thoughts of his money helping her further her old ass.

129 days ago


I believe this. Because he wouldn't even go to Greece with his family due to not wanting to be seen or photographed. They all kept calling him to make sure he was getting on the plane, including Brody, but he skipped his flight and stayed home. It was sad b/c he kept talking about how much fun him and his half brother would have picking up girls and hanging out, but he bailed at the last minute

129 days ago


Looks like Kris Jenner's check cleared so Harvey can put out the positive side of Kris Jenner's web of lies.

129 days ago


Even if that was really the case, his stuck up in the ass family should've accepted the fact he didn't want to be in any wedding pics and not give him a hard time about it and move on from it! But no, I'm sure they kept "nagging" as how they do on their reality show. Ahaha..

129 days ago

john flynn    

Buck up Rob it's not like your sister get married everyday OPPS your sister Kim I FORGOT.

129 days ago


This family is a bunch of money grubbing whores! Little bitch dissik follows them like a dog who loves to eat ****. I can't believe they got so rich off of a sluts porno. Happy Memorial Day. Just remember all the Pople that lost their lives for this country and got nothing for it. Jiggle butt made a porno and makes more money than 3 military family's per event, anf now they want to make her mayor of Glendale? What's wrong with society now a days? God bless the USA !!

129 days ago

Tiffany Lafontaine    

Look if he cared so much about his weight he would lose the weight but obviously this is all 4 attention cause all the kardashians r attention whores and do anything 4 it.

129 days ago


I feel sorry for the guy, stuck in a odd situation for certain.

129 days ago
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