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Airline Apologized for Racially Profiling Me

I Got Vouchers to Prove It!

5/28/2014 9:01 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

"Love & Hip Hop" star Benzino claims AirTran Airways has already accepted blame for racially profiling him on board a flight this week -- and as a gesture of its remorse, AirTran gave him 2 vouchers for $200.

TMZ posted video of Benzino's f-bomb-laced outburst shortly after he claims a flight attendant racially profiled him on his flight Tuesday from Vegas to ATL ... and the story behind the outburst is crazy.

Benzino tells us, he and his new wife were the last people to board ... and as soon as they took their First Class seats, a flight attendant demanded to see their tickets.

Benzino found this insulting, telling us the flight attendant only asked to see his tickets because he's a man of color sitting in First Class -- and that's why he erupted.

Benzino tells us, "They basically were talking to me very disrespectful and came at me inappropriate. That’s why I was upset about the situation. I am not the one to scream the race card unless I truly believe I am being treated not equal."

According to Benzino, an airline rep later apologized to him, telling him the airline was in the wrong, and then gave him and his wife two vouchers for $200. Calls to Southwest -- which merged with AirTran a few years ago -- weren't returned.



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Yes, absolutely! No person of color has ever flown first class so, of course, the flight attendant wondered what he was doing in "the front of the bus" so to speak. BS. I don't believe for a minute it was his skin color that made a flight attendant suspicious. Let's hear from another passenger in first class as to what went down.

114 days ago


How is that racially profiling? If she is asking to see your tickets because you are the last ones to get on and sit in first class. I would be asking too. If you want to act like a thug then you will be treated as one.

114 days ago


Tmz loves to post racist stories :-( smh. You make me so angry im never gonna stop!!!!! Fight the power :-)

114 days ago


Good for him. I would have found that insulting and I'm white.

114 days ago

Mulholland Drive    

I've never been asked to show my ticket after I sit in my seat. If you sit in someone else's seat, then the flight attendant may ask to see your ticket. But not before someone asks you to move from their seat.

114 days ago


This guy is a ****ing clown, big red shoes and all. He is just looking for publicity, playing the race card like the loser he is.

114 days ago


If he boarded last, the stewardess probably wasn't at the door to check their tickets. I'm sure she was just doing her job. They always check my ticket and it's ok wih me. I think he trying to make something out of nothing. Plenty people of color sit in first class.

114 days ago


BIG DEAL! The airline throws you a bone and you go fetch it like the dog you are! HYPOCRITE! You clearly seen an opportunity to throw the race card in there! Why didn't you just show your ticket like a normal person would have? Instead of going on your ignorant rant! And I'm sure the airline is hoping you Don't use your little "Shut your mouth voucher" They could careless if you EVER travel with them agian! One less low life they have to deal with! NOW GO GROW A NECK!! LOSER

114 days ago


OMG I just want to puke!! When is this crap going to end? It is ALWAYS because they are a person of color. Give me a fing break! SICK SICK SICK SICK of this dayum race card. And 'they' wonder why racism continues year after year. People of color are the ones the most guilty of pushing this crap. Everything is about color to some people, EVERYTHING. If they were going 150 in a 30 and got ticketed it would be because they are black. No words other than disgusting!!

114 days ago


I've been asked for my ticket lots of times on planes. Now I know that if someone who isn't white asks then they're racially profiling me. I had no idea. I thought they were checking to make sure I was in the correct seat.

114 days ago

Edddie Nash    

Welp. The white coward racists who hide behind these fake names on here were wrong yet again. It burns doesn't it. It burns though. Right down to your racists bone marrow. Hahaha

114 days ago

Barry Soetoro    

She asked him for his tickets after the 40 oz beer fell out of his carry on

114 days ago


Does he believe that flt attendants never verify first class seating or any other seating on a plane by asking to see the ticket? Does he believe no white person has ever been asked to show their ticket to verify seating assignment? He probably does because apparently he doesn't fly much. BUT on the up side, he pulled the race card and GOT SOMETHING FREE!

114 days ago


Ha ha ha $200 WTF does that get you?? A coach seat. Stupid monkey. This guy is as forgettable as his "music"

114 days ago


Im a flight attendant and at my airline they dont press the duty of us requesting to see your ticket. The only time we will do so is if there is some kind of confusing regarding seating. Now there are people who try to slide their way up there but most times I won't bother to ask for your ticket. Idk...I once flew with a girl who always approached anyone who was other than white about their seating if they were in First Class.

114 days ago
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