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Airline Apologized for Racially Profiling Me

I Got Vouchers to Prove It!

5/28/2014 9:01 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

"Love & Hip Hop" star Benzino claims AirTran Airways has already accepted blame for racially profiling him on board a flight this week -- and as a gesture of its remorse, AirTran gave him 2 vouchers for $200.

TMZ posted video of Benzino's f-bomb-laced outburst shortly after he claims a flight attendant racially profiled him on his flight Tuesday from Vegas to ATL ... and the story behind the outburst is crazy.

Benzino tells us, he and his new wife were the last people to board ... and as soon as they took their First Class seats, a flight attendant demanded to see their tickets.

Benzino found this insulting, telling us the flight attendant only asked to see his tickets because he's a man of color sitting in First Class -- and that's why he erupted.

Benzino tells us, "They basically were talking to me very disrespectful and came at me inappropriate. That’s why I was upset about the situation. I am not the one to scream the race card unless I truly believe I am being treated not equal."

According to Benzino, an airline rep later apologized to him, telling him the airline was in the wrong, and then gave him and his wife two vouchers for $200. Calls to Southwest -- which merged with AirTran a few years ago -- weren't returned.



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It does not admit guilt to racial profiling. It's am easy way to make a dumb ignorant customer to shut up and move on.

117 days ago

Truth Spitter    

What is really behind the Fear of Black Males. First of all, White men know that mostly everything they have has come as a result of rape, robbery , murder and slavery and from the exploitation of people of color. 98% of the money in America is Blood money going all the way back to the institution of slavery. Most of the Whites of today have benefited off of the inequity of their forefathers. They fear that Blacks will retaliate against them for all of the wicked deeds that they have done to Blacks over hundreds of years. Secondly, many White men put so much emphasis on money to compensate for the fact that they have a small penis. They Fear and Envy Black Men, because they don't measure up. Why is it that white men spend over $1 Billion per year on sun tanning products and over $1 Billion per year on Male enhancement drugs and penis enlargements. Once again, they envy Black men so much to the point that they want to try to "appear" Black.

117 days ago

Truth Spitter    

There has been a long history of Affirmative Action in America For Whites:

The foundation of American White supremacy sits tenuously on a rickety base of lies and deceptions about how Whites gained their wealth and status. A century and a half after slavery the median wealth of White families is $75,000; for Black families, it's $25,000. The belief that Whites achieved this 20-5 wealth advantage by HARD WORK is absurd and a historical fantasy. Nonetheless, the airwaves are filled with the self-righteous pronouncements of Caucasian commentators anxious to “advise” Blacks to “work hard” and to “pull themselves up by their bootstraps” if they want to succeed in America. Not only do they seek to invent a fraudulent fairy tale that whitewashes a very bloody legacy, but they also aim to reaffirm the notion that “non-Whites” are naturally inferior and lazy and are thus responsible for having comparatively nothing. The truth is a whole lot nastier than that. The Government aided greatly in the creation of white wealth. FACT!

Government aid was provided to struggling white farmers while denying it to most black farmers from the 1930’s right through the 1980s.

Like Social Security, the 1935 Wagner Act helped establish an important new right for white people. By granting unions the power of collective bargaining, it helped millions of white workers gain entry into the middle class over the next 30 years. But the Wagner Act permitted unions to exclude non-whites and deny them access to better paid jobs and union protections and benefits such as health care, job security, and pensions. Many craft unions remained nearly all-white well into the 1970s. In 1972, for example, every single one of the 3,000 members of Los Angeles Steam Fitters Local #250 was still white.

But it was another racialized New Deal program, the Federal Housing Administration, that helped generate much of the wealth that so many white families enjoy today. These revolutionary programs made it possible for millions of average white Americans - but not others - to own a home for the first time. The government set up a national neighborhood appraisal system, explicitly tying mortgage eligibility to race. Integrated communities were ipso facto deemed a financial risk and made ineligible for home loans, a policy known today as "redlining." Between 1934 and 1962, the federal government backed $120 billion of home loans. More than 98% went to whites. Of the 350,000 new homes built with federal support in northern California between 1946 and 1960..., fewer than 100 went to African Americans.

The government Provided free college education, vocational training, and cheap mortgages to nearly two million white WWII vets via the GI Bill, while simultaneously blocking most veterans of color from accessing the same benefits.

Through the New Deal, the U.S. Government provided minimum wages, union rights, and social security to industrial workers, almost all of whom were white. These same benefits, however, were denied to agricultural and domestic workers, most of whom were people of color.

The government Invested in infrastructure to expand suburban neighborhoods where white households were able to access government-subsidized mortgages while urban, inner-city neighborhoods were red-lined.

The Homestead Act of 1862 provided free or very inexpensive land was provided by the government to 1.5 million white families.

117 days ago


$200 voucher is not an apology... it's a voucher.
Airlines give out $200 vouchers like candy.
$200 voucher is not even enough for a round-trip ticket. They actually sucked you in by requiring you to spend more money with their airline to get the $200 voucher.

117 days ago

Truth Spitter    

Message to the White man: Put down the Meth pipe, stop molesting little boys, stop being serial killers, quit beating your wives, stop killing relatives to collect the insurance money, quit creating ponzi schemes, stop looking for prostitutes on Craigs List, stop committing incest, stop jacking off to pictures of OJ in handcuffs, stop getting sun tans and pen!s enlargements, put down the Prozac & Zoloft, stop committing suicide, stop shooting up movie theaters, stop being mass murderers and stop sodomizing the family dog.

117 days ago

Truth Spitter    

The media promotes that racial stereotype propaganda of inner city Blacks and minorities being lazy and obtaining government aid in the form on welfare. However, the fact is that the vast majority of Blacks in America are decent, hard working law abiding citizens. Since 2000, the disposable income, of African Americans/Blacks has risen to an astounding $1.2 trillion dollars. (Just Research It). Blacks have made great strides in the fields of science, invention, finance, etc. In fact, Blacks run some of the biggest companies in America. Did you know that the CEO's of the $24 Billion McDonalds, the $23 Billion Xerox, $22 Billion Merck & Co, $10 Billion American Express, Red Lobster, Olive Garden and Jamba Juice are all Black?

117 days ago


As a former flight attendant I will tell you people try to just take a seat last minute in first class routinely. Whites, blacks, Asians, old, young, with kids, without them. I'm willing to be money she was NOT profiling him as being a black man, it's more like profiling him as a typical dumb ass passenger trying to pull some ****. Everything doesn't have to be about race!

117 days ago


unfortunately TMZ doesnt have an option to FLAG posts... and this 'poser' is getting off watching everyone get upset with him.... which is his point... he wants to be relevent because he is NOT
On another note.... I think the airline shouldn't be off the hook for this with 2 measly vouchers, I think its systemic and their should be serious consequences, what's stopping them doing this to next person

117 days ago


I am a flight attendant and one of my first flights I had to check the ID of a black man checking in for his flight running up at the last minute. I believe I was in LAX. I asked to see his ID and his mom was standing there and said what? this is like that ad for the credit card...I had no clue what she was talking about. I was told I did the right thing because he was a no show and they had given his seat to someone else. No profiling there. He was a rather handsome man as well. Sooooo I get onboard and everyone says...omg look its Evander Holyfield....yep I am blonde...he was very nice but slept with his mouth open and I wanted to throw peanuts and see if I could score! ;) I am kidding

117 days ago


I've flown first-class several times where I've been asked to show my ticket, and I'm a white fella. But next time, I'm going to make a fuss and drop the f-bomb about a hundred times and say, "You're only doing this because I'm white." Something tells me I'll never see a $200 voucher. Maybe a jail cell, but no voucher.

117 days ago

Truth Spitter    

They butchered the Native Americans, Enslaved The Blacks and Then Built Churches on Stolen Land and proclaimed "In God We Trust." Sadly, America was built on violence. America's foundation is violence. America glorifies gangsterism and gangsters like Jesse James, John Gotti, Ma Barker, Bonnie and Clyde, Pretty Boy Floyd, Dutch Shultz, Bugsy Siegel, John Dillenger, Al Capone, Machine Gun Kelly etc, The end result are men like John Wayne Gacy, Ted Bundy, Ted Kaczynski, Timothy McVeigh, James Holmes and many more. But America degrades Gangsta Rap. That's hypocritical. Even the Kennedy's made their fortune from Bootlegging and violence. And some of the other Robber Barons did as well.

117 days ago

Unbroken Chain    

BS. The airline would never admit to racial profiling because these s*** would sue and probably will. You can get a voucher real easy. You're giving this fool the publicity he wants tho

117 days ago


The voucher doesn't admit wrong but just courtesy

117 days ago


Hmmm...sounds similar to an Air France blonde heffer flight attendant I had to check who did something similar to me flying back home from Paris last year. I didn't use not one lick of profanity, but I cut her down so good and then let Air France customer service have it as well that I received my 2 vouchers. Sometimes though everyone deserves a good read and cussing out and that heffer seemed like she deserved it.

117 days ago


i'm white and i have been asked by flight attendants to check my tix to first class as well. so please fall back.

117 days ago
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