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Maxim Hot 100

Black Don’t Crack the Top 10 ...

And It's a Crime!

5/28/2014 12:02 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

052714_tv_maxim_100_launchThe new Maxim Hot 100 list has a severe shortage of Black women ... especially in the top 10 ... where there are zero -- which is NUTS when you consider the highly significant fact that Rihanna exists!

Even crazier? Some of the people allegedly ahead of her.



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Rihanna's Barbados trash. She belongs on the trashiest top 10. Hey tmz, where's the trashiest top 10 anyway? We all know you'd put Kesha on that list but who else?

92 days ago


Lets be real...the ONLY reason why these articles are created in the first place is to make white people better about themselves. Obviously u are the ugly race...otherwise u wouldn't spend sooo much time focusing on other races beauty or lack thereof! Y'all, age unbelievably bad. At 17 ur women look 30 at 30 they look 45! It's disgusting! U spend hours in tan salons yet u make fun of dark skin, u get fillers very 3 months and butt and boob jobs and hair ext. just to try and compete with women of color. Then u call blacks greasy when u all produce grease and oils on ur hair naturally!l on an a daily basis and have to shower and wab ur hair constantly just so that u dont build up...So pathetic!!!! Stop focusing on us keep doing ur articles to help ur deal with ur sanity but as soon as u look at a beautiful black woman be prepared to go on another hate campaign that will lead u right back to the salon...wah wah wah!!! ;-)

92 days ago


Face it, whites are more attractive, even black kids get white dolls at the stores.

92 days ago


Skank was probably the disqualifier, not black.

92 days ago


Black women are the most beautiful women on this planet bar none..the variety of complextions natural curves is all God given.

92 days ago


Sorry but black women are NOT sexy so why would they make any top 10 hot list? just being realistic here, don't need to put one on the list just because theyre black.. Are you going to include asians? philipinos? koreans? just because theyre different races.. give me a break with this idiotic bull****.

92 days ago


We have to ask ourselves who owns Maxim..with that being said black women not making Maxim means nothing because im more than sure if the owners were different the results would be different...get it

92 days ago


and we know this is bs cause miley cyrus is on the list

92 days ago


LMAO I swear whoever picks these tacky a$$ ho's def. needs glasses!! Doesn't maxim offer vision care??

92 days ago


That List is CRAP!!!! Say what u want about Rihanna (the haters of course) but she's WAAAAAAAAAAY HOTTER THAN MOST if not all those girls that had at the Top 10. Beyonce and Gabrielle Union NEED to also be on that list.....but this is an American magazine so who's surprised?????

92 days ago


As a black women, I honestly can care less. Being hot doesn't make you a better mother,friend,sister, or person. If you don't like it don't support it. That simple people blow things way out of portion. I am beautiful. Not a comment on tmz or list by Maxim can change how I feel about myself. Its all about self imaging. We must teach our children black or white to love them selves. And **** like this won't affect them the way its affecting most of you.

92 days ago


Rihanna is skanky not sexy big difference while they both satisfy sexual desire they are different things. Big foreheads aren't sexy at all.

92 days ago


Rihanna isn't sexy. Sorry but I don't find whore attractive.

92 days ago


So what we need affirmative action in the top 10 now? Should 3 have to be black no matter what, 2 have to Asian no matter what, and at least 1 Native American no matter what?
Rihanna doesn't even belong in the top 10000, she's nasty.

91 days ago


Your point is....?

91 days ago
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