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Donald Sterling

Diagnosed with Alzheimer's

5/30/2014 9:49 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Donald Sterling Alzheimers Disease
Donald Sterling
has Alzheimer's and that's why doctors declared he is incompetent to have a voice in the sale of the L.A. Clippers ... TMZ Sports has learned.

Sources connected with the Sterling family tell TMZ ... the trust agreement that governs the family's ownership of the team provides if 2 qualified doctors determine either Donald or Shelly shows "an inability to conduct business affairs in a reasonable and normal manner" ... they will then be stripped of control over the team.

We're told earlier this month Donald agreed to an examination by 2 prominent neurologists.  He underwent extensive tests, including a CT and PET scan.   We're told both doctors diagnosed Donald with Alzheimer's and concluded he may have had the disease for as long as 5 years.  The doctors both concluded he did not have the ability to conduct the business of the team.

Under the trust agreement ... the doctors' conclusions were enough to strip Donald of control.

Our sources say Donald can appeal the doctors' conclusions to the California Probate Court.

One interesting thing ... TMZ Sports broke the story ... on May 22 Donald signed a letter written to NBA Commissioner Adam Silver relinquishing control of the team to his wife Shelly.  It's unclear if Donald's lawyer will now argue the letter is invalid because of Donald's mental incapacity.

The problem for Donald -- if his lawyer argues mental incapacity, under the trust agreement he automatically loses control over the team.  So it's a Catch-22 for Donald.

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Do you mean Dementia or Alzheimer's? As far as I know Alzheimer's can only be diagnosed upon death. Please correct me if you can.

112 days ago


LOL one foot in the grave, that's great news

112 days ago


Blah blah blah.

112 days ago


Your still a rasicst.

112 days ago


You're an ass Harvey President Regan was president with Alzheimer. Sterling is doing the same thing. People with this disease have lucid periods, some quite long. You know nothing about this disease so please don't make remarks you know nothing about. I have 2 family members who had this disease and you have no idea what you are talking about.

112 days ago


I don't believe it; he's a great actor.

112 days ago


BULL$#! T and I will tell you why. I have personally known several Alzheimers patients, my grandmother being one, and if Donald Sterling had it then he wouldn't even remember Magic Johnson having HIV...he'll he wouldn't even know who "Magic Johnson" was...probably couldn't even spell Magic. Stop copping out and making up lies to cover for this race intolerant bigot.

112 days ago


So Magic Johnson tried to steal a basketball team from a man with Alzheimer's.

112 days ago


My father-in-law had Alzheimers/Dementia. Before we knew of his illness, he would say and do the most inappropriate things that were contrary to who he was. It was VERY upsetting to hear him say some pretty shocking things, and we were at a loss to explain why he was behaving this way. Soon after, when he was diagnosed, the doctors said that it was very common for dementia patients to totally lose their inhibitions and to say and do very inappropriate things. IF (and that's a big IF) this diagnosis is true, it might explain the racist rant he went on.

112 days ago

Saltine Crackas    

First he caught Racism then Cancer now Alzheimer's wow he's having a bad month and he dates a tranny! Next week they'll say he's blind

112 days ago


Either way, it his HIS team. Just another example of a gold digging woman trying to get something for nothing and have control.

112 days ago


The reason I don't believe Alzheimer had anything to do with what he's said cuz people have said he has said things like this before and I do mean years before this only thing different is that this went public

112 days ago


predictable! pull the sympathy card. nice job PR team, and TMZ for running this garbage of a story, doesnt take much of a buy off to get you sell out. I see the kardashians arent the only ones that have you in their pockets

112 days ago


bottom line, they are still owned by...get this, a rich white men

112 days ago


Delusion + confusion + age = Alzheimer's And he is certainly delusional, and confused and aged. He rambles in the interview with Cooper.... He changes subjects frequently... So many people I know thought he had early dementia...... The only people that didn't wear the press! His family and his staff should've kept him out of the public eye. But if anyone has ever had somebody with dementia and their family they know that especially in the early stages, where there are still lucid times, it is very hard to control anyone, because most people who were diagnosed are in deep denial about what's going on.

112 days ago
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