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Donald Sterling

Sues NBA for


5/30/2014 6:59 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF
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Donald Sterling Sues NBA
Donald Sterling has filed a lawsuit against the NBA for more than $1 BILLION, claiming he was unconstitutionally bullied out of the league.

Sterling filed a federal lawsuit Friday afternoon ... claiming the NBA booted him from the league based on what he called an illegal recording that was widely publicized ... painting him as a racist.

As you know ... TMZ obtained the recording and posted it on the website.

Sterling also claims the $2.5 million fine was baseless and a violation of antitrust laws.

Shelly Sterling sold the team late Thursday to former Microsoft CEO Steve Ballmer for $2 billion.  The deal will almost certainly be ratified by the NBA.


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This man was a Racist BEFORE any of this happened and once the media got a whiff of it they had to do something to not look bad. Is he a racists and an elitist, yes that is obvious. Should he be forced to sell his team based on a recorded private conversation that he was blackmailed out of, nope. He has a definite chance of winning this lawsuit if the law is followed.

115 days ago


If he has a case and wins a billion dollars I am going to be laughing so hard. This whole story needs to just go away already.

115 days ago


Lmao!!!!! Nba is going to get their azz handed to them over this BS!!

115 days ago


Told ya this was going to happen and he's going to WIN! Have a feeling Harvey might end up in the witness box as well.

115 days ago


I hope he wins whether he is racist or not (which I do not believe a racist person dates a half black chick PERIOD) a person should not have their personal conversations out there for the intention of destroying their life...Every has an opinion on this but just remember if we continue allowing stuff like this then YOUR conversation could be played to someone one day. This is what is called "setting a presidence". That means when it happens to the little guy who does not have $ to sue he/she will not be able to defend themselves. ..and just an fyi..I own a business and I have seen this over and over against people that clearly are not racist..they have black relatives. .this was an easy way for her to become famous and make $.....

115 days ago


"What he called" you ***s know damn well that ****s illegal

115 days ago


Donald Sterling might be right, but Jury Nullification will award him Nothing.

115 days ago


He'll lose. The NBA wouldn't go through with the termination if they were concerned about the inevitable suit

115 days ago


Wow...not a single comment saying he shouldn't win. Ladies and gentlemen, America is officially dead.

115 days ago


I don't agree with his beliefs but I hope he wins. Man shouldn't be punished for what he says in privacy of his own home. I could understand the NBA having a problem if he said this at a news conference or at a public event but he was at home. Never thought I would want a bigot to win but in this case I do

115 days ago

Rectum? Damn Nearly Killed Him!    

I hope he wins and the NBA folds.

115 days ago


Gaurantee he wins. Perhaps not that much, but he will win.

115 days ago

Island Planet    

This moron has been an embarrassment to the NBA and the human race for decades. What are your damages sterling? That you got the biggest $$ ever for an NBA team and banked a billion dollars? Shut your fool mouth and move on.

115 days ago


I hope they award him 2 billion. The NBA are nothing more than reverse racists.

115 days ago


And another thing...this is just another affirmative action presidents idea of "redistribution of wealth"...you vote for Obama this is the culture we now live in. .....BEN CARSON for President! !!!! That should have been our first black president. ..someone who works hard and doesn't cause such a divide in this country...I love him and I pray he wins the next election! !!!!

115 days ago
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