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L.A. Clippers


5/29/2014 8:30 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF
breaking news

Clippers Sold
Shelly Sterling has sold the L.A. Clippers to former Microsoft CEO Steve Ballmer for a whopping $2 billion.

As TMZ Sports reported ... the deal was signed just before midnight Thursday. The NBA must approve the sale, but our sources say NBA commissioner Adam Silver has been well aware of Shelly's negotiations with Ballmer and other potential buyers and will support it.

Donald Sterling has made rumblings he may challenge the sale, but he will almost certainly fail. 

TMZ Sports broke the story ... Donald gave Shelly sole control over the team -- allowing her to sell it -- and even sent a letter to Silver affirming that Shelly had the reins. 

As for Ballmer ... he vowed Thursday night to keep the team in Los Angeles. Ballmer is entrenched in Seattle -- which currently has no NBA team -- and even made a bid to buy the Sacramento Kings and move the team to the Emerald City.

It's pretty remarkable -- just one week ago, it appeared Silver would force an involuntary sale of the team, but Shelly and her lawyer, Pierce O'Donnell, took the initiative to solicit bids and ended up with a buyer pretty much everyone can get behind.

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No Avatar


And how is this punishment for Sterling? 2 billion in his pocket?!

114 days ago

King Edward    

How many times will the team have to be shut down, updated, and rebooted before it runs smoothly for a few minutes??????

114 days ago


Wait, wait, wait.... all I gotta say is,blah, blh, blh, black people, blah, blah". And someone will come buy my business at an enormously inflated price? Thanks misdirected racism police and black people! I'll be making my irrelevant racist statement later today and expect my check next week.

114 days ago


Congrats, TMZ. You got away with editing a private phone conversation to make it seem worst than it was in order to smear someone in a blatant set-up by his black grilfriend which he would not be dating if he was half as racist as portrayed

114 days ago


Make a comment in the privacy of your own home and be forced to sell your business. Obama's America.

114 days ago


I don't care how rich you are, he overpaid. The last NBA team went for 550 million.

114 days ago


Magic Johson and Oprah no Team for you! Michael Jordan can't use those millions to buy the Clippers he stole from The Jewels stores for congratulating him for his Hall of Fame entry. Jordan was talking bad about Sterling being bad what about Michael Jordan taking millions of hard earned money from Jewel for printing an ad for his Hall of Fame induction. Jordan is no hero along with Magic Johnson who got aids from playing around and cheating on his wife and catching aids. Oprah can keep,her money in that European purse of hers. lol

114 days ago

HRH Prince Michael    

Deception, on the verge of Absurdity.
Of course, not unlike all things False, the masses
ate-it-up - like a really large "talk-show" "millionairess"
at a buffet:
1.."V. Stiviano" is NOT Black - DNA test ANYONE?
2. Mr. Sterling is NOT a Racist. He's made too many
African-"Americans" wealthy, to be even
considered one. A Bigot? Maybe, but, that's
immaterial. I don't care to associate with certain
types of individuals - for various reasons
Biblically-speaking, it's called Discernment.
3. More than anything, this entire scenario only
deepened the division of our nation.
You know, like the U.S. Pharaoh.
Who INEXPLICABLY got involved with this
Drama - on it's FIRST DAY?!

Craigslist.com/NYC/Rant and Rave Section
"The House of David:
Thy Kingdom Came"

114 days ago


How can one possibly make an argument that the Clippers were held back and black people were not treated equal under Sterling?

114 days ago


So unfair. This is beginning to look like communism. In Cuba u can't even talk about anything in public n people watch what they say in private or your ass gets thrown in jail n everything taken away no freedom of anything is that where we r headed? No freedom of speech even in your own home This is America it's not suppose to happen here. THE CONSTITUTION

114 days ago


That'll buy a lot of hitmen V, goodbye.

114 days ago

Mr. Mystery    

@Decker: Whoa. A Hit-man? That's very, very, harsh.
I mean, imagine if, Almighty Yahweh - Creator of
Heaven and Earth, and All That is in Them -
had A Hit-Man? *wink*
Daniel 12;1

114 days ago

The Truth    

Great news hopefully he does move the clippers to Seattle this is a Lakers town. We only like Champions.

113 days ago


So, that is cool. Hope he buys the Kings and moves them to Seattle. Don't forget about your roots Balmer. And btw, remind me if I see his face on the streets of Seattle to ask him if he has a hundred dollar bill he can spare? Isn't that tge equivalent of a $1 for ? Some people are way too rich.

113 days ago


still owned by a rich white man, so funny

113 days ago
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