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Antoine Dodson

If My Son's Gay

I'll Help Make Him Straight

6/1/2014 1:00 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Antoine Dodson says if his newborn son turns out to be gay he'd still love him ... but he'd do his best to change him and make him straight.

Dodson -- who became famous in 2010 when he fended off a rape and told a reporter, "Hide ya kids, hide ya wife, hide ya husbands ... cause they rapin' everybody out here" -- said last year he was disavowing his homosexuality and becoming a straight family man.

Dodson tells TMZ ... he believes living a gay lifestyle is wrong and anti-religious, but he would love his son regardless.  He says, "I wouldn't be shocked because I lived that life before," adding, "I would try and get him help."

Dodson continued, "Even if he couldn't be fixed it doesn't matter because I still support him no matter what."

Benevolent of him.


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Just don't shoot your wife in the face like 'the shield' guy.

143 days ago


This is sad. This guy has allowed others to tell him what he should be instead of being what he was born to be & not caring what others think. I am straight & I was born that way. No one would choose to be gay. Especially with all these so called Christians that hate, which is the opposite of what Jesus preached. The Westboro Baptist church being one of the worst. These people were happy that 9/11 happened. I am sure there are gay people in the closet in their congregation. The sad thing is these idiots make gay people hate themselves. You can't change your sexual preference. He says he would love his child, but get him help. If he REALLY loved him. He would accept him no matter how he turns out. BTW, the bible was written at least 100 yrs after his death. Man is not perfect & man wrote it. These people are bullies. People should watch something on YouTube titled "The Most Beautiful Way To Stop A Bully I've Ever Seen". I personally think his story is inspirational & he does it in a good way. Those who watch it will really think after watching it. Even though it really isn't about being gay, but how we are indoctrinated by society as soon as we are born. As he says we are asked what we want to be, then told what we can't be by saying be more realistic or that dream is silly. It is 12 minutes long & most people will think it was worth the watch. Just look at the likes.

143 days ago

I just wanted to comment    

Well.... All I want to know is if he's gonna be hiding his kids and his wife.... from being gay

143 days ago


"Hallelujah it's raining men" - Jesus Christ

143 days ago


I said with the previous post on him that people trying to convince themselves straight and enter a faux-hetero relationship and having kids doesn't bode well, and this just adds an extra layer to that. He's probably going to traumatize that kid, even drive him to suicide, if the kid turns out to be gay and Antoine tries to "fix" his kid's nature, or even shows some disappointment for a thing that cannot truly be helped. I hope for that kid's sake that he turns out straight.

143 days ago




142 days ago

Roberik 22    

Now we've heard it all. It's sad

142 days ago


Once again TMZ has shown that they will scrape the bottom of the barrel to bring gay issues to the forefront. Antoine Dodson ?? Seriously?? Wasn't that guys 15 minutes up about 2 years ago.

142 days ago


Maybe it's just my opinion, but I don't see anything wrong with a man being gay. However, I do think its wrong for a gay man to pretend to be straight and be in a relationship with a woman-bc that means his living a lie....lying to the woman, and lying to himself. Who cares what people think: Just be yourself!

142 days ago


How about dropping the crazy hateful religion? Be gay and proud. But treat your wife and baby well. Respect all around.

142 days ago


If people want to bring the bible into it, yes it speaks against homosexuality. But it also mentions wearing mixed fabrics, teaches that women can't speak in church, and rebellious kids should be stoned to death. Go ahead if you want to bash gays using the bible, but you must speak out against polyester blends and say its a sin.

142 days ago


this ugly ass gay hood rat is famous because why? does he and his ugly ass ratchet ho baby mama have jobs to support their bastard kid or are they gonna stay on welfare and live in the projects for the rest of their sorry ass lives?

142 days ago


Someone shoot me now, please

142 days ago


I am a gay guy, I lived the straight lifestyle for years and slept with a lot of women because that I what I thought was expected. I accepted the fact of who I am and now I am a much happier person. This dude is obviously someone who has chosen to be straight - but is still as gay as hell. To each his own.........

142 days ago


Antoine is stupid, you're either gay or you're not, only pretenders are in between.

142 days ago
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