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V. Stiviano

Attacked In New York

... Lawyer Claims

6/2/2014 5:28 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF
breaking news

V Stiviano AttackedV. Stiviano was attacked on the streets of NYC by a pack of men who yelled racial slurs ... at least, that's what her lawyer is telling people. 

According to her attorney, V. was leaving dinner with her sister and friends by the Gansevoort Hotel on Sunday night when two men followed her and attacked. 

Stiviano's lawyer claims she was punched several times while the men screamed racial slurs. 

Officials tell TMZ Sports ... no police were called and a police report was never filed. 

Her lawyer claims she will file a report early today.

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I wonder if it was her money or Donald's money that paid these guys to pretend to rough her up.

86 days ago


I am guessing some porn company will offer her money to do porn like they always do.

86 days ago


What about Don Sterling filing a report against V. For illegally taping him without permission?

86 days ago

Deer diary    

I don't usually like to say things I don't know for sure but this really seems like a bunch of bull ****. I think this girl is making this up to detract from the previous post. because if she is attacked for being black then folks can't as easily call her a racist. just seems way to convenient of an incident. additionally, she didn't file a report or go to the hospital? c'mon! oh and while I'm here...and I know it's not relevant to this post but there's no general forum on this site so what else can one do...why is tmz not covering the Casper smart/ j-Lo/ tranny scandal? thedirty has so much solid evidence of Casper having just been completely busted with multiple trannys...statements, photos, screen captures...everything ...and tmz isn't saying a single word! you guys cover all kinda of dumb **** and this story is insane! it makes me wonder who pays who because otherwise you guys would and should be all over it.

86 days ago


Kharma, at it's finest...

86 days ago


Yeah you know because if i were attacked on the street I would call my lawyer, not police or hospital.

86 days ago


To TMZ live learn the difference between ethnicity and race someone can be Hispanic and black or any other race for that matter.Hispanic is not a race but an ethnicity There is no "half" Hispanic either you are Hispanic or you are not. So please stop spreading your ignorance.

86 days ago


How can we believe anything V says? She's a compulsive liar. Go away. Worse is her lawyer who has to call the press abt everything she does. Get over yourselves. No one cares about a money grubbing manipulative vain ho.

86 days ago


No one cares. I doubt it's true. Note to her attorney, your client is the devil. Bye. 15 min up. This girl has major mental problems. Narcissism 101

86 days ago


She's playing with some rough guys who do this for a living but she's so effing stupid and doesn't know when to keep her lousy mouth shut!

86 days ago

Hello My Name Is....    

so now the hooker claims it was a "pack of 5'7" men" I guess short white men now roam the streets of New York in packs looking for trouble - I do hope they can catch this wild roving herd of 5'7" men before someone else gets a slightly red face!

85 days ago


Thank you, thugs, for solving a mystery!

On smashing Ms. Stivano's cheek, you dislodged the plastic surgery's implant which gave her an odd contour to her face as though her head had been squished in a vise and the bone didn't heal properly. It was a terrible job and you should see your surgeon about a refund .

Accept being black, Ms. Stivano. Your attempt to change your looks just didn't work for you.

And leave that big bad New York and come back to your local MacDonald's and see if they would give you back your old job. Don't forget to use the name Perez that you used to use when you go there.

84 days ago


This is just complete bull**** , she probably just put too much blush on like always. .no one cares a crap bout this b***** ; she needs to go find people that actually give a damn about her..

83 days ago
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