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Pleads the 5th

On Bieber's Racist Joke

6/3/2014 6:40 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Usher Justin Bieber Racist JokeUsher had the opportunity to join the growing list of BFOJBs who have leaped to Justin Bieber's defense ... but instead he bolted.

Our photog spotted Ush yesterday in L.A. ... and of course asked about the video of 15-year-old Justin using the n-word as the punchline to a horribly unfunny joke.

You'd think, Usher -- being Bieber's longtime mentor and African-American -- would have something to say on the topic, but watch ... who knew he did a Houdini impression?

As we've reported, Floyd MayweatherSoulja Boy and others have already spoken up for Justin -- which makes Usher's reaction very interesting.


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I dont really care too much for this kid...HOWEVER at 15 you still know right from wrong. Look what this society did to Paula Deen for something she said over 20 years ago again as a young adult. So just answer me why this situation is any different than that one?

140 days ago


LOL that ****** fled like a cop wanted to arrest him

140 days ago


What I think is funny tbh is that Paula Deen got blacklisted for admitting using the N-word 20 years ago (which let's be real, she's probably used it more than that and didn't even have to admit it) while this kid gets defended for something he said on camera 5 years ago. Granted, the Paula Deen controversy had more going with it and the Donald Sterling thing came off to me as anger while this was a joke. But jokes are supposed to be funny and not hurt people. Justin is getting off easy just because he's the hottest thing right now. If anyone else said it they're career would be over.

140 days ago


Usher did the right thing....Silence is golden.

140 days ago


Everyone is defending this stupid excuse of a person yet Will tear the head on any other white person that dears to say racist thing about African Americans like really why is he so special he gets a black pass from every one

140 days ago


i'm guessing usher has seen the other video where bieber jokes about joining the kkk. i'd give a 15-year-old a pass on dropping n-bombs. but it's the fact of him laughing at the idea of chopping up african americans with a chainsaw that takes it to a whole new, decidedly lower level. and now we have this kkk tape making the rounds. i get teenage boys flirting with offensiveness but they fully understand that they are being offensive. bieber suggesting that he was young but has now learned a lesson, is pretty rich. he's not THAT young and even at 15, he had to understand that the chainsaw joke only had its "comedic value" because it was so offensive ( you can sit through the entire "the aristocrats" dvd plus all the extras and never hear anything as offensive as the chainsaw bit. and i'm pretty sure not one in several dozen comedians ever utters the n-word.)

if his handlers went about trying to buy up all the copies, i am not sure how it is bieber learned his lesson. about the only lesson he is going to learn is that you cannot buy nor tweet your way out of a disaster of this magnitude. he duped those who defended him last time, let down the fans who stuck by him and has all but destroyed his career. now usher won't even talk about it. can we please send him back to canada before they find a way to stick us with him?

140 days ago


I'm rather surprised that Usher isn't just trying to stay relevant.

140 days ago


omg get over it move on people **** off justin bieber is good person trying to trun his Life around

140 days ago


tmz **** Off hate you

140 days ago



140 days ago


Justin Bieber my husband is trying to vent over my W D LEAVE HIM ALONE! HE WANTS NOTHING TO DO WITH YOU

140 days ago

Afi K. James    

Face it, gayber aka bieber is finished, he has hurt a lot of people and hurt himself over the years, what he need now is the lord.

he needs rapper T-Bone to help him.

139 days ago


I disagree with the last sentence of the writer . It doesn't make ushers silence interesting. Maybe he just didn't feel like talking!

139 days ago


Usher chose to help Justin out of many deserving kids and was helping Bieber while this all took place..fckd up how he takes the help then talks horribly about the man's race who made him big... Usher has to feel ashamed..

139 days ago


oh helll naawww justin bieber is ****ing racist his ass needs to be sent back to Canada ASAP nobody needs his dumbass here in America

138 days ago
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