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Justin Bieber

Response to N-Word Vid ...

It's Biblical

6/4/2014 5:12 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

0604-bieber-bible-vers-instagram-02Justin Bieber is letting God do his talking ... posting a photo of several Bible passages in the wake of the latest video of him using the n-word.

TMZ posted the video Wednesday ... showing a 14-year-old Bieber singing a racist version of his own song, repeating the line ... "There'll be one less lonely n*****."

Bieber's camp wanted the video out so he could own up to what he'd done.

Bieber's Instagram post focuses on 3 verses -- 2 from the book of John and one from Isaiah -- and all of them deal with forgiveness and salvation for your sins.


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Where does it say in the Bible to urinate in public? You cannot pull that Bible chit out of your azz whenever you're in trouble. Own it and live with it.

143 days ago


So since Soulja Boy doesn't cut it anymore, he had to throw God in the ring?!

143 days ago


I really hope his career is over now. I did like him a little in the past. I hope thes rappers wise up and wake up. Justin is just using them for his own purpose. I know money talks and bull sh!t walks. He is a fake and a fraude in my humble opinion. If he was true to want he wants to be, he would have been with a black girl by now and not some mixed up mut.

143 days ago


I really hope his career is over. I did like him a little, but now I think he is playing all those rappers and they need to wise up and wake up. He is a fake and a fraude. Money talks and bullsh!t walks I guess. If he was not a racist and the way he wants to play black, he would have been with a true black girl and not a mixed up mut by now in my humble opinion.

143 days ago


Bieber's camp wanted the video out? Yeah right that's why he's been hanging out with rappers lately

143 days ago


Who cares !!!!!!! Next !!!! @ 15 I was doing the same saying stupid things!!!! Ppl are so stupid if ppl shld get mad at him then we should put our business out there when we were 15 I'm sure it would be far worse then saying stupid words !!! This Nword wldnt be so out there if blacks wld stop using the word !!!!!!! Not his fault blame the blacks I was saying the n word all the time bc that's what was in the rap music I looked at it as if it wasn't a big deal no harm !!! I'm so tired of blacks making a big deal of the n word if it meant so much to them then they wldnt b using it !!!!!!

143 days ago


Oh, well since he brought the Bible into it, that makes it all o.k. Lol.

143 days ago

Black Adam    

He tied his own noose lol.

143 days ago


Jesus Christ. Can someone just kill this ****head already? He is a loser. He is a racist. He is is a whore. He is the most miserable human being to walk the earth since Hitler. He is garbage. He is an untalented idiotic loser and he needs to be shot. Please, someone kill this pile of garbage.

143 days ago

BIEBER GO HOME!!! ▬(~_-)▬►    


This little Douche!

143 days ago

boo boo    

He just googled that shiz. Dude doesn't go to church on Sunday.

143 days ago


Who cares niggggggas!

143 days ago


I'm so sick of the right wing Christian asses always thinking they can invoke god or quote some stupid bible passage and all is forgiven. NO THATS TO DAMN EASY.

143 days ago


Bottom line here parents are to blame to some extent they let all this happen

143 days ago


This sucks donkey penis. Lol I just don't wanna hear the word period. Everyone gets into arugement everytime it comes up. Im black and I say it alot and I hear it from alot of races it doesn't effect my way of life or living. Life goes on.

143 days ago
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