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Teri Polo

My 7 Pets Are Focked!

Worthless in Bankruptcy

6/4/2014 12:30 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

"Meet the Parents"
 star Teri Polo has a house full of pets -- seven of the critters -- and while we're sure she loves 'em in her own way ... she just told the world they ain't worth jack. 

We broke the story ... Teri's more than $700K in the hole to the IRS, so she filed for bankruptcy earlier this year -- and now she's taking inventory of her assets in new documents ... obtained by TMZ.

First, the sorta good news: Teri's assets include a 2012 Prius worth $16,800, jewelry worth $1,700, and some office equipment worth $225. Like we said ... sorta good.

Now the sad news: she also lists her 4 dogs and 3 cats as assets, but values them at a whopping ZERO dollars. She could be pulling an Aaron Carter -- who did the same thing last year claiming he didn't want creditors to liquidate his pooch.

Or maybe she just thinks they're worthless. 

Terri's optimistic though ... she's hauled in $141K this year, and made more than $300K last year. In the docs, she lists her ability to continue working and earning residuals as her best asset.

Someone really needs a fresh 'Focker.'



No Avatar


welfare actor... pathetic

138 days ago


Sell your office equipment. It's obviously not doing anything for you and it pays a third of the tax bill.

138 days ago

Hans Gruber    

I still remember her first film "Mystery Date" with Ethan Hawke. Do you think she wonders if Iceman really is better than Maverick? Perhaps she should hire Leigh Steinberg who was Jerry Maguire's agent. He's broke as well.

138 days ago


What's the point of posting this garbage? You KNOW that people do not view their animals/pets as worthless.
I wonder if working with Ben Stiller turned her off from acting as much??

138 days ago


So many actors going in to debt/bankruptcy. Maybe they should "live a little" and save a lot and when shyte hits the fan... They won't go totally bust

138 days ago


Probably both. She probably doesn't want them to take her pets, but ordinary cats and dogs aren't really worthy of the creditors' attention, given how many shelters can't find homes for the animals they are overcrowded with, and I think most sensible people know this, too.

138 days ago

Waka Waka Waka    

How can someone be 700k in debt&drive a 16k car.!!!!

138 days ago


It's called a budget top ramen and taking a bus

138 days ago


I'm gonna buy meet the fockers on blu ray today to help her out.

138 days ago


People with money aquire things very easily because their seen on tv but sometimes they don't have enough money to continue keep some of their things and waste money on lavish trips and things like that.

138 days ago


Hope the best for the pets and care less about her.

138 days ago


This says nothing about whether or not celebs care for their pets. Unless they are highly sought out breeding stock (for lack of a better term), or have some "skill" like trained for movie work, pets don't have much monetary value.

138 days ago


The residuals should go into the settlement. How do these people ditch their obligations and manage to keep the income from them.

138 days ago

Someone's goldfish    

When actors (and athletes) are making money credit is easily available. They can accumulate large debts very quickly. When there's a down year(s) the debts can become a problem.

138 days ago


These 'pets are worthless' articles are so stupid. Unless it's a show dog or race/breeding horse that is actually pulling in money or has a sale value no pet is going to be listed on a assests form. You know it, we know it so stop getting all up about these idiots filing and not listing their pets. On that note, it's disgusting that someone who pulled in that kind of money last year can just claim bankruptcy and be done with $700,000 of debt while most of us as well as all students who take out student loans can't seem to do so with a fraction of that amount of debt.

138 days ago
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