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Milwaukee Brewers


Next To Injured Fan Who Plummeted Into Bullpen

6/5/2014 9:29 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

With paramedics treating a severely injured fan who plummeted 15-feet into the bullpen, a Milwaukee Brewers pitcher grabbed a baseball and began WARMING UP just feet from the guy ... and TMZ Sports has the video. 

The fan had fallen over a railing at a restaurant that overlooked the bullpen during Tuesday night's game -- and laid motionless as medical personnel scrambled to treat him.

But while paramedics went to work, so did one of the Brewers pitchers -- who appears to be Brandon Kintzler

It's shocking, considering after the game Kintzler told the media he thought the guy could have been dead -- "I thought he died. We were sitting there and [catcher Marcus Hamel] yelled, 'Oh, gosh!'  He didn't move for a few minutes. I thought he was dead."

Kintzler explained, "It's not something you want to see. They're basically giving this guy CPR and I had to warm up. It was tough. It's not the best thing to see at the time."

 The fan was eventually put on a stretcher ... and as several men tried to carry him through the outfield to receive further medical treatment, one of the people handling the stretcher tripped and fell ... hard. 

Eventually, the injured man was transported to a nearby hospital -- officials say he was conscious and alert and has since been released.  

Calls to the Brewers have not been returned. For more sports stories, check out tmzsports.com!

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Nice guy!!

84 days ago


He thought the fan was dead and he didn't want to see it and it was 'tough' for him to 'have to' warm up. What a POS!!!!

84 days ago

Nosey Ned    

What a tool!!

84 days ago


have you ever heard the old saying duck that's what you should have done

84 days ago


There are people paid and trained to deal with this type of thing. He's a pitcher, he did what he was being paid to do.

84 days ago


"The fan had fell over"? SMH

84 days ago

billy pootons    

way to try and make someone look bad TMZ... your specialty. i'm sure that after the fan fell people in the bullpen rushed over to see he was ok... but once medical training staff is ont he scene why shouldnt the pitcher go back to doing his job... i.e. getting ready to enter the game.... typical TMZ

84 days ago


He's not an EMT and he has a job to do. sounds cold, but if the guy fell and he was the closest and kept pitching, its one thing, if the kid is being attended to, what can the pitcher do?

move along.. drama over at the LGBT convention at Harvey's house.

84 days ago


Not intending to offend anyone, or insult their economic situation, but I propose that anyone that records something like this on a crap phone STOP sending it in to TV stations and media outlets. There are smartphones out there with better video cameras that most camcorders were a few years back and people still record poor quality videos. And usually hold the phone up vertically, to boot.

84 days ago



84 days ago


Not sure what the problem is. I feel sorry for the injured fan, but he is off to the side being treated by medical personnel. What should he do? Run around screaming "oh my god!" and shoving paramedics out of the way like people do on an episode of Cops?

84 days ago


OMG How dare he do his job. This comes from a site that harasses and violates people on a daily basis. There is a special place in he!! for the TMZ staff.

84 days ago


the emt's where there working on the person..i mean i would have done the same to help clear my mind after what he just witnesse das well

84 days ago


I'm a ball players I would not know what to do but get sued by this dum ass drunk that fell to his death....cause yes that's what would happen too the family would have said why did u do that are u a doctor or an emt....I don't feel bad for this dip ****...this is just god way of thi ny out the herd...I I u fell over that ****s on you stupid....take responsibility for ur own problems not someone we fault cause u did something dum..

84 days ago

Your S&M Girlfriend    

Probably drunk out of his mind and didn't even realize he fell. Were those really paramedics? They didn't stabilize him until they could strap him to a backboard but just sort of carried him off AND DROPPED HIM!!!??? Wow.

84 days ago
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