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'Bad Girls Club' Star

In the Celeb Ass Game ...

Size Matters

6/6/2014 7:00 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Natalie Nunn Butt"Bad Girl Club" star Natalie Nunn saw the butt photos of Bradley Cooper and Jennifer Lopez and laughed ... then broke out this thong while partying on the beach in Miami on Thursday.

I seen her on the ave, spotted her more than once,
Ass so fat that you could see it from the front.


No Avatar


Some things cannot be unseen!!! Omg! I get she looked in the mirror and thought 'damn I look good!' Ummmm, you don't!

47 days ago


I think that is a regular sized bikini. It just looks like a thong because King Kong is wearing it.

47 days ago


She just needs to lose some weight.

47 days ago


"I've seen" or " I have seen", you mongoloid moronic fools! It's NOT "I seen". Are we know just surrendering our intelligence to the ghetto habits of the uneducated rapper eubonic plague? If you cannot speak English properly (unless you're not a native English speaking citizen, resident or visitor because our grammatical nuisances are just plain silly sometimes) you do NOT deserve any sympathy for any non-medical negative issue in your uneducated-ass lives. Go to to get your "education on" if you're too lazy to go to your ****ty public school. Yes, I have a typo in the second sentence: "now" not "know"; fix the damn app TMZ. I can't select the first line as it is obscured by the Comments header. To further clarify, this is not only an uneducated black youth issue; everyday, I hear more and more dip**** white kids speaking like complete morons. It's just not cool. You'll never get a job with chances for advancement speaking like a ghetto turd, be it a black, white, red, yellow, green, rainbow, tan or ginger turd. Ignorance is an equal opportunity self-imposed crutch. It's your fault. I'm done... boom. Wait, almost forgot... that ass is nasty.

47 days ago


some things just should not be photographed--glad I saw this on an empty stomach . . . .

47 days ago


I blame Kim Kardashian....just because the a$$ is big doesn't mean it looks good. I AM NOT ready for that jelly!

47 days ago

Khloe D.    

No I wouldn't post pictures like that, but I give her cudos for having self love and confidence. Just because she isn't a size 2 doesn't mean she shouldn't feel beautiful, do your thing girl!

47 days ago


is every commenter on tmz a modelm?...are their girlfreids and wives and female relatives all very shapely???.....i see women on a daily basis....all different etnicity....and this woman's shape is good comared to many women outthere

47 days ago


tht bathing suit is not doin her any justice at all...just looks nasty...ugh..

47 days ago


The hippo is responsible for more human fatalities in Africa than any other large animal...

47 days ago


Haters!!! that's how a real ass looks like. And a real woman I can guarantee 90% of you taking mess are probably not all that cute fat or ugly stop glorifying fake asses fake boobs injections surgery real women don't look like kim kardashians why front

47 days ago


Looks just like Kim Kardashian's.

47 days ago


Most of these dip****s on here talking sh*t either don't have girlfriends, or their girlfriends are fat and gross! And most of the females talkin sh*t are too gross or scared to show their bodies at all!! I don't think she has a goddess body or anything but hate to see people talk bad about her like she is an elephant or something. It could be a lot worse... yeah she could look like your girlfriend !!!!!!

47 days ago


You twig lovers don't know what's up!
I'd tag that fat ass all weekend long!

47 days ago

The Man They Call Louis    

Gross...she's scary. No, thanks.

47 days ago
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