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Melanie Griffith


Antonio Banderas

6/6/2014 8:15 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Melanie Griffith and Antonio Banderas DivorceMelanie Griffith has filed for divorce from Antonio Banderas ... TMZ has learned.

Griffith's legal docs cite irreconcilable differences as the reason for ending her 18-year marriage.

In the docs -- filed by disso-queen Laura Wasser -- Griffith is asking for child support and sole physical and joint legal custody, although it's pretty much moot -- Stella, their only child together, turns 18 in September.

Griffith is also asking for spousal support.

The legal docs do not list the date of separation.

Sources connected with the couple tell TMZ ... the divorce is amicable.  As for dividing property, we're told it's a little complicated ... they have lots of real estate, both in the U.S. and Spain.

This is Griffith's 4th divorce.   She was twice married to Don Johnson and also married to Steve Bauer.

It's Banderas' second divorce.



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she's probably resigned to just letting him go after trying to hang onto him for so long, such a shame

146 days ago

Cookie Lady    

I'll give them credit for lasting this long. I didn't give them more than 2 years. When they got married he was hot and she was trying to be a lot younger than she was. I hope she ablates that hideous tattoo on her arm now.

146 days ago


start anouncing marriages that work/ theres too much noteriety for devorces

146 days ago

Johnnie Dellroz    

with all the pot smoking and the cocaine snorting she looks all dried out and wrinkeled up. He is looking for another juicy morsel to play with. Typical Hollywood.

146 days ago


Is she nuts?

146 days ago


Want to bet her next "husband" is really young? She's a cougar for sure.

146 days ago


The only woman I know whose mother is better looking than she is!

146 days ago


This is really sad. I thought they were a cute couple, because they were such opposites. 18 years is a very long time though, and not just in Hollywood. So kudos to them.

146 days ago

L. Ron Hubbard    

Two idiots!

146 days ago


I cannot believe Antonio Banderas has been able to tolerate this insecure, jealous, possessive washed up ankle-grabber for as long has he has. It is clear to me that he has stayed in this marriage as long as he has for the sake of his daughter, Stella, who will soon be of age. I am sure he has put in some long, hard years.

Don't get me wrong, at one time I really enjoyed Melanie Griffith with Working Girl being on of my all time favorite movies--she kept right up with my man Harrison Ford. BUT, this is a woman who has been standing in her own way for a long, long time. Sometimes when you're holding on tight--too tight--you crush the heart, soul, and spirit right out of the one you're supposed to love. Rumors were always rampant that whenever Banderas made a movie, she made sure that she, too, was on location, sticking too him like white on rice. Ugh! The worst! Nobody can stand to be suffocated.

I understand that addiction is a disease and her parents had a pretty funked up way of raising her—letting her move in with her twice-divorced 22-year old boyfriend, Don Johnson, when she was only 14. However, unlike most people, she has had all the money in the world to cope with the challenges of her upbringing and I've yet to hear her really get honest about her addiction.

In 1989, she entered a drug rehab facility for the first time after director Mike Nichols on the movie of “Working Girl” pulled her aside for showing up to work drunk. In 2000 she entered drug rehab for addiction to painkillers. She entered rehab again in 2009 for abusing prescription drugs. And once again in 2011 she entered rehab for painkillers stating, "I started on pain pills when I hurt my knee skiing and just kept taking them."i (Source AARP in September 2011.)
This is what has really irked me about Griffith. She'd already been in a drug rehabilitation facility in 1989 when she had to re-entered a drug rehab in 2000. Shortly after that stint in rehab, a 41-yr old Griffith appeared on the cover of some women's magazine, Ladies Home Journal, I believe, where she claimed she became addicted to pain pills as the result of a car accident that hurt her neck—a car accident that occurred in her early 20's—before her first rehab. And the title of her story went something like this, “I didn't know you could get addicted to painkillers....” Oh, really? Where have you been all you life you stupid-sounding bimbo??? Rehab or no rehab, EVERYBODY knows that one can become addicted to pain pills you idiot!!! Did you think you were fooling anyone with that stupid line of defense? Weren't you awake through your first rehab you stinkin' pill-popper???? I was SO angry that a women's magazine would print such pathetic rubbish, let alone show case this ding-a-ling on the cover, that I tried to contact the magazine to say as much. Alas, for me, the Internet was not as readily available as it is now and I could not discover a way to contact them. But that did it for me where SHE was concerned. Get honest to dumb-azz! You are making a total fool of yourself.
This is a woman who has been able to afford the best rehabilitation facilites in the nation, such as her 3-month stint at the well-regarded Hazelton Clinic. But she still contined on with narcotics. I would have loved to see her and her coquettish little voice on Rehabilitation with Dr. Drew. She wouldn't have stood a chance.
So now this once beautiful and gifted woman and actress has resorted to booze, pills, botox, and other out-rageous plastic surgery. I knew this day was coming and it's about time. It's time to GET HONEST, Melanie and stop insulting your public.

146 days ago

♥TMZ but ...    

I really think leaving his wife for Melanie put a major dent in his career

146 days ago


He could do so much better.

146 days ago


Me too...thought they'd be together forever.................

146 days ago

Edddie Nash    

I still pleasure myself to Body Double and Fear City. Thanks Melanie

146 days ago


Sad to hear for both of them and all the childern involved, I hope Melanie stays strong

146 days ago
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