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Tracy Morgan Accident

Driver in Fatal Crash

Pleads Not Guilty

6/11/2014 1:16 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF
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0611-kevin-roper-splash-01Kevin Roper -- the truck driver facing charges over the fatal crash that involved Tracy Morgan -- pled not guilty in a New Brunswick court this afternoon.

Roper is facing charges of death by auto and assault by auto. His bail was set at $50,000.

Roper was driving a truck for Walmart on Saturday when he struck Morgan's limo. One person died as a result and Morgan is still in the hospital in critical condition.  

Roper has not only maintained his innocence ... he says he's a scapegoat because a celeb was involved.  He says this was simply an accident.


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He kinda cute. I never seen him at the truckstops.

133 days ago


He could be a little remorseful. He wasn't drunk but he still f--ked up. You can't fall asleep at the wheel of those things, it's a very important job, and it does pay well despite people thinking it doesn't.

133 days ago

There's a problem here    

An real accident would be if a tire blew thatcaused him to plow into those vehicles. A criminal act would be if he fell asleep at the wheel and plowed into those vehicles. I guess he thinks if he had killed a family or a few children it wouldn't have been as bad as a celebrity?

133 days ago


Tracy stands to make more money from this incident then he ever made durring his entire so called career. Calling him a celeb is just silly. At best he's some black dude who works in Hollywood #Truth!

133 days ago


He will go be charged and go to jail if it is true regarding the lack of sleep over 24 hours. Law in NJ - Maggie's law was passed in 08 or 09

133 days ago


The thing everyone one is missing is his negligence killed a person ! Take Tracey out of the picture and he still killed a person !

133 days ago


He we have a scenario of a man working hard and honest probably delivering orders that someone requested "express delievery" on a certain item. The man wasnt driiving fast. The man wasn't drinking. And the man wasn't high on drugs. The man was fatigued just like Tracy was sleeping in the back of his limo. And now to hear that this was a blind spot, even makes me think harder into this case. Hope all parties involved was tested on scene as well. I still feel there is a rush to judgment here.

Mr. Roper you are NOT GUILTY. And that's why they call it accidents.

Poor walmart. Their having one hell of a week aren't they?

133 days ago


I'm glad the driver was not white, or this would be a race issue too.

133 days ago


he is being made a scape goat. here in va, a guy ran a red light, going to fast to stop, and he hit into the side of a car, killing the 2 sisters who were in the car. The driver has only been charged with wreckless driving. That's it. OF course his insurance will have to pay off for the 2 deaths, etc. He didn't run, he simply got out his drivers liscense and sat in his vehicle waiting for police. Ond lady died instantly, The other passed just as the Metlife heliocopter got over head... They say there is nothing else they can charge him with.... but will continue to "look into it" This is Hopewell city and VA state police. Sure hope they come up with something more than the little fine, snap on the hand and let go with only "wreckless" driving. ;o( Far as I know his driving record may be other wise clean, BUT he KILLED 2 Ladies!! Seems he shouldn't get off scott free from that

133 days ago


If it was simply an accident ,why would he twitt "get out of way or get hit"

133 days ago


qUILTy!!! Even if he fell asleep, he's guilty of putting others ppl lives in danger by driving tired and not having enough sleep

133 days ago


He lawyered up real quick I'm willing to bet money walmart sent him that money and grilled this guy unmercifully to find out what happened. If his over the road hours per company request are at fault we will never know because if it can be linked to walmart chains directly "oh baby" that bouncing smile will now have a bouncing frown. So either there going to get him off or pay him for whatever testimony costs the less.

133 days ago


I don't care if it was a celeb the guy took a life Somebody has to pay wether with freedom or 💰💰. Wether it's walmart inc. or their insurance company

133 days ago


Accidents happen. People are always quick to be judge, jury and executioner.

133 days ago


In every accident unfortunately the trucker is always at fault until proven innocent, in this case this man just might be innocent. Walmart trucks strictly operate on electronic logs so out of hours sure is out of the case. If he would have been drunk or high it would have been 100% known right away since truck drivers get tested immediately after any accident.

132 days ago
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