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Brad Pitt Attacker

Ignore My Maracas ...

Community Service Is No Joke!

6/13/2014 12:20 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

The guy who's doing time for attacking Brad Pitt claims to be taking his sentence very seriously -- despite the fact he was spotted shaking maracas in the middle of his punishment.

We spotted Vitalii Sediuk leaving an L.A. grocery store and asked him about the video (below) of him joining a drum circle the other day ... while he was supposed to be doing his 20 hours of community service for the the red carpet incident.

Believe it or not ... Vitalii has an explanation that makes sense, and assures us he's serious about the "experience" of picking up trash and cleaning public toilets.

As for Brad Pitt's face being on his chest -- there's no good excuse for that.



No Avatar



Stop giving this attention seeking fruit attention

130 days ago


Why is TMZ so desperate to make this sicko a celeb? Send him back to his homeland. Dude needs deported STAT.

130 days ago


This guy is a pure nut case and needs help, get him into a mental hospital

130 days ago

Hot Dumb Italian Mike    

We should really deport this guy back tothe Ukraine...I think his outlook would change considerably!

130 days ago

The Man They Call Louis    

He's so full of ****!. TMZ, why are you guys giving him thet attention?. Obviously he's being sarcastic about his sentence let alone wearing the Pitt T-shirt to be a smart ass about it. He's a jerk, man I hope he breaks probation so they can deport him back to wherever he came from.

130 days ago


Is this "Famous in 12" v2.0 or why does TMZ keep reporting on him?

130 days ago


This guy just needs to go away.

130 days ago

James R. - Los Angeles    

Levin has a real hard-on for this idiot.

130 days ago


Giving this guy exactly what he wants... PUBLICITY! I remember when the story broke, the whole tmz office acted disgusted with this guy and his antics, now he's an "exclusive" story?! Come on Harvey, either give him a tv show or ignore his existence. Personally, his show might actually be worth something, CERTAINLY a better show than the other spin off, famous in 12 or whatever it is. You guys definitely missed your mark with casting on that show, I'm sure there were way better families/people to do a show about, probably people with actual talent, not a family of human tip-jars literally begging for fame... wait: can you hear that Levin? Exactly, it's silence. It's the silence of your career after this terrible tv show attempt. You guys are going to need to change your numbers, and a bunch of full on SWAT teams to cover all the entrances and exits of the office and employees homes. Guaranteed this famous in 12 family will go ghetto on your @$$es when they make it NOWHERE

130 days ago


Just deport him and put him on a no fly list.

130 days ago


Once again making a nobody a celebrity...incredible.

129 days ago


I say never give up buddy. Try and try again

129 days ago

en Todo Momento!!    

how can anyone resist not punching this dude in the face with a baseball bat? go back to russia you KGB piece of trash. living the luxury life in america on russian porno dollars. sick pig. go pollute your own culture with your degenerate diseased mind.

129 days ago

en Todo Momento!!    

and why the hell does this dude sound like a freakn chinese? his english sounds like he learned it in china. is this a buddy of edward snowdens or something?

129 days ago

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