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Brittny Gastineau's Attacker

Long History of Violent Accusations

6/14/2014 12:50 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Brittny Gastineau AttackerStreet artist Retna claims his fight with Brittny Gastineau was mutual ... but TMZ has learned he's had other alleged incidents of violence ... with 3 restraining orders over 2 separate attacks.

As TMZ first reported, Gastineau claims her black eye is the remaining visible sign of a viscious attack in a West Hollywood hotel room 2 weeks ago. Retna's lawyer claims Gastineau started the whole thing and Retna was defenseless -- recovering from knee surgery.

But Retna was accused of 2 other violent confrontations in the past 2 years. In late 2012, he was charged with 3 counts of battery after allegedly going ballistic on the employees at an art gallery in L.A.

According to one of the victims, Retna punched two of the employees in the head (one of them he hit so hard it broke the pencil in his ear) ... then left the store ... only to come back later and hit a third.

The case never went to trial -- but Retna was ordered to stay away from the gallery.

Then in July of 2013, Retna allegedly harassed 2 other art gallery employees ... According to the restraining order, Retna ripped and destroyed paintings with knives and beer bottles.

One of the employees claimed Retna tried to strangle him and made crazy threats, including this:  "Next time I see you I'm going to take your TONGUE out of your mouth n wrap it around your nexk and staple ur ass to the backboard n charge the kids in the neighborhood 25 cents. To throw rocks at ur some n stone u to death. Booyah."

Both guys got restraining orders against the artist.


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Once again.. TMZ has been put on retainer by the Kardashians/Jenners and Associates and is playing judge, jury, and prosecutor in another legal matter involving someone they are attempting to drag through the mud and extort for whatever they can get. Let them resolve this in court and stop putting out this biased information that you have received from your good friend KJ. Dig up BG's past and tell me how many times she has been the aggressor involved in a violent altercation. Or will you just sweep that under the rug like you do all things Kardashian. I'll wait...

134 days ago


Kris Jenner PR machine is working overtime on this one.

Now teach Britt to get get pee'd on and take it up the butt like Kim, Kris.

134 days ago

Clyde T.M. Nestra    

Well, that kind of reputation is not going to help when the lawsuit gets filed by Gastineau. These women who are attracted to these losers really amaze and sadden me. She needs to get her ass into therapy to find out why she was ever attracted to this abuser. It's not as if she is some young chick who doesn't know any better.

134 days ago

Edddie Nash    

Go Kings Go!!!!!

134 days ago


He looks like another towel head who wants to stone women to death for laughing at his 2" popgun when he drops his shorts.

134 days ago


When is Kris getting her a show on E

134 days ago


And Brittany is associated to him why???? Thinking she wanted pain meds considering he had knee surgery recently. Guaranteed drugs are involved.

134 days ago


Are u kidding me? Brittany is lovin this!! She hadn't been really relevant since her show "Gastineau Girls" was on E! Way before Katfashians! Which she's lucky of she's picked to be a BFF on episodes. She's lovin this new publicity!! If she could she would go on tmz live and thank them for this length of publicity.

134 days ago

Who Cares    

There have been for years rumors going around that Brittany is a high paid prostitute. She's friends with Kim kardashian. So, I wouldn't doubt.

134 days ago

The Maharincess of Franistan    

Remember, her father, Mark, the former NY Jets player is a KNOWN woman-beater. So perhaps this is what she's used to. But I still don't understand why we're talking about this ZERO of a girl. She's a nobody.

134 days ago


One thing is for certain here, is the fact that this dude beat up on a woman, which takes away his manhood. He's the kind of guy we like putting into cells, where they hate someone for hurting a lady irregardless of the reason. I was married to a woman for 12 years. She finally married some dude because he owns a house. lol He's Porta Rican, and lets her have it regularly. She has a mouth on her, and in those years I usually would go for a ride in my car, just to keep from popping her in the head.

134 days ago


Has this woman ever worked a job before?

134 days ago


Women need to stop being DUMB DUH-DUMB DUMB DUMB! This is what happens when you ignore the red flags.

134 days ago


This my people is what happens when you are not being a real man. When you stoop to the level of pointing fingers at a woman claiming "she started it" when she has signs of physical abuse, you lose your masculinity, you are demoted from your rank of manliness to a complete pu$$y. It is a weak and broken boy who abuses women.

134 days ago


In this day and age - and in her.position - she should have checked his background first if she had good sense! But I guess this is just another unfortunate case of infamy before class.

134 days ago
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