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'It's Always Sunny'

The Gang Gets Sued Over

Brutal Dog Attack

6/16/2014 12:47 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

0616_Kaitlin-Olson_rob_mcelhenney_tmzTwo "It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia" stars are being sued after their dog allegedly attacked a 19-month-old and bit her on the face ... TMZ has learned.

According to a lawsuit filed today in L.A. Superior Court, Kaitlin Olson and Rob McElhenney (Dee and Mac) had a Father's Day party back in 2012 ... and the couple's German shepherd was off the leash when it bit the toddler "without provocation."

The child's mom, Julie DeLagarde, says she let it be known she didn't want her daughter around the dog ... but Kaitlin and Rob (who are married) did not leash the dog. 

DeLagarde claims the area next to her daughter's mouth, including part of her cheek, was "hanging off with all the insides of her face exposed and blood streaming everywhere."

DeLagarde has blogged about the ordeal and posted pics of the child's scars.

In the suit, she says her daughter will be scarred for the rest of her life unless she has additional plastic surgeries down the road.  

The family is suing for unspecified damages.


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Did I miss something? If you didn't want your baby around the dog why did you bring it to the hosts party?

GSD = best dog ever, doesn't attack unless provoked.

137 days ago

William Alford    

Just under the statute of limitations. She must have had to think of a good reason to be a POS towards them for inviting her into their home as a guest.

137 days ago


Cps needs to be called on pit bull owners w small.children. guaranteed that child will be mauled sooner or later. German shepards are smart dogs that are easily trained. Hence the reason they are cops..special help dogs...u don't see pit bulls doing ANY of this! pit that's a helper dog...

137 days ago

William Alford    

How much you want to bet Kaitlin and Rob felt horrible about this and more than paid for all the hospital bills and then some already? They have a small child themselves. On April 5, 2012 just 2 months before this incident they had a baby themselves that was in that home at the same time. They were likely HORRIFIED and more than compensated this woman for what happened. There is a reason why she waited 2 years until just before the statute ran for filing. She wanted to milk it for all it was worth.

137 days ago

Cyndi Yates    

"She was invited to a home so why should she have to take the precautions when the homeowner has a dog. As easily as she could have left this party, they could have secured their dog ".......Um,that's a totally asinine response!!!! You answered your own question....she could have easily LEFT!!! I highly doubt she was held captive at this party & her child was FORCED to be all in this dogs face!! And some of you people forget,a lot of pet owners out there don't think of their dog/cat/snake/whatever as "just an animal" but as members of the family! Why is the dog supposed to be locked away in HIS home? If the owner chooses to do this because HE chose to,that's brother does it with his doberman...but you don't go in someones home Telling them what they should do in it!! I guess a lot of you have no problem with people bossing you and yours around in your home...LOL. Oh & Hey,by the way,I don't want my child around that plant,can you put it away? And I don't really care for her to be around your son,will you put him away?? And while you're at it,that pillow clashes with my outfit,put that away right now!!!! Damn idiots,I swear!!!!

137 days ago


What are you doing at a party that you are unaware of what your year and half toddler is doing.. most kids are just starting to walk.. you should have eagle eyes on that child at all times in a strange home, with other people around anything could have happened to that child from falling to choking on something they found on the ground. This lady's story is fishy.. she 'let it be known' what does that mean? Did you or did you not ask for the dog to be put in another room or leashed up? Did the owners refuse? You'd think if that was the case this would have been addressed much sooner, not two years later. As the mother of a baby, who was concerned about the dog you just what, decided to let her crawl around on her own anyway?? Did she just figure everyone else would watch the kid while she drank or socialized? I've been to gatherings where that is exactly what happens, alot of friends and family around so just let the kid run, someone will catch the kid before they get too far, or fall in a pool.. right?

137 days ago


You people are stupid. You ALWAYS wait until the 2 year statute of limitations is about to expire to file.

137 days ago


Leash your dog...

137 days ago


If you live your dog protect your dog. Leash it.

137 days ago


That show was gay.

137 days ago


It was the dogs home? She could have left the dogs home.

137 days ago

Julie James    

It's the mothers fault. If she was not comfortable w/her toddler near the dog she should have left the party. She was after all in the dogs yard! I am terrible sorry for her child tho.

137 days ago


She didn't want her child around the dog and when they didn't leash it she didn't leave? Couldn't have been too worried...
Still feel bad for the little girl.

137 days ago

L. Ron Hubbard    

Where is the daddy?

137 days ago


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137 days ago
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