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'It's Always Sunny'

The Gang Gets Sued Over

Brutal Dog Attack

6/16/2014 12:47 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

0616_Kaitlin-Olson_rob_mcelhenney_tmzTwo "It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia" stars are being sued after their dog allegedly attacked a 19-month-old and bit her on the face ... TMZ has learned.

According to a lawsuit filed today in L.A. Superior Court, Kaitlin Olson and Rob McElhenney (Dee and Mac) had a Father's Day party back in 2012 ... and the couple's German shepherd was off the leash when it bit the toddler "without provocation."

The child's mom, Julie DeLagarde, says she let it be known she didn't want her daughter around the dog ... but Kaitlin and Rob (who are married) did not leash the dog. 

DeLagarde claims the area next to her daughter's mouth, including part of her cheek, was "hanging off with all the insides of her face exposed and blood streaming everywhere."

DeLagarde has blogged about the ordeal and posted pics of the child's scars.

In the suit, she says her daughter will be scarred for the rest of her life unless she has additional plastic surgeries down the road.  

The family is suing for unspecified damages.


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No way this was "unprovoked." Back in 2012, Rob and Kaitlin had at least one toddler of their own, so clearly the dog was used to children - children who were used to dogs. So, when you come to someone's house for a party and you don't know if your toddler knows how to behave around dogs, it's YOUR responsibility to keep them away from the owner of the house's dog. Period.

93 days ago


I dare u to argue w me about dogs... I dare u. German Shepard well trained dogs. Pit bulls...all need to be euthanized. My opinion. If u do t live in the "hood". Then u have no clue!

93 days ago


It's foolish to have attack dogs as family pets.

93 days ago


Leash your dog you A-Hole!

93 days ago


The dog should have been leashed and if the parents were that concerned about the child's safety they should have left the party.

93 days ago


they have a small child too around the same age as that child so the dog should of been use to babies. thats most likely why they didn't put the dog up. SO if the dog did attack the child it sensed the mother and child's uneasy feelings towards it. Which the child wouldn't of had it the mother wasnt a total control freak. Who knows how sick in the head the mother is she could of provoked the dog??

93 days ago


Why'd it take so long for them to file? I'd have been in contact with the lawyer right from the beginning.

93 days ago


people really need to leash their dam dogs!!! i been attack 3 times by unleashed dogs and trust me am a pet lover ..but when you get attack by a dog it puts the fear of god in you !!!! so i can only imagine what fears poor kids go through ..people have no respect for any one and dogs are taking over ..come on leash your dogs and leave them in your own back yards i hope they sue the hell out of them!!!

93 days ago


Quick question, if the mother was so uncomfortable with her child being around the dog, why did she stay? If I had a fear that something would possibly hurt my child, I'm not going to stick around & see what happens. She takes the blame for some of this.

93 days ago


i was bit in the face by a german shepard.... it was across my face, near my right eye and the bottom of my chin. i almost lost my eye. Anyway, the dog was found and shot on the spot.

93 days ago


I'm sure Kaitlin would be understanding, having that she was once in an accident at a young age causing her to require reconstructive surgery. What happened to the dog?

92 days ago


Pretty damn shocking to see how clueless people are about the legal system in America when they say, "Why'd they wait two years to sue?" Americans love to display their stupidity for all to see. If you don't know why legal proceedings take so long, or why people might bring a lawsuit years after the fact, it means you know less than nothing about how our courts and legal system have worked for some decades now.

76 days ago


ok, first of all its sad the girl got hurt. That is not up for debate here, kids with mauled faces are a sad story. However, when the mother said she did not want the kid around the dog, why the Fu*k did she not watch the child better, leave the situation or stay with the kid?? I think they are not responsible for watching other people kids, as sad as it is, it is the parents responsibility to watch her kid when she senses danger. Seeing as how the dogs owners were having a party, it was probably thier property or somewhere they rented, which means the mom should have left, and she should be ashamed for not watching he rkid and not try to make other people feel bad for her bad parenting, as i said before, i do feel bad for the child, but we need to put blame where blame goes. AND if the dog attacked that little kid, it probably pulled the dogs tail, or something BECAUSE that's what kids do, and again WHERE was the mother then?? now when money is involved she is so worried for the kid, yea too late.

76 days ago
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