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Sara Evans Ex-Husband

I Only Got 25 Chickens

To My Name

6/17/2014 12:40 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Sara Evans' ex-husband has become a country music cliche ... fighting with his ex, dodging an arrest warrant, and so deep in debt his main assets are a couple dozen chickens.

Craig L. Schelske filed docs in his bankruptcy case, listing a mountain of debt and a sorry, short list of assets.  For starters he owes Evans $333K.  Lots of other debts as well.

Now the assets ... 25 chickens (valued at zero) and 2 bags of chicken feed.  And then there's 60 DVDs, 3 silver coins and 40 books, all worth a grand total of $100.  And of course there's a 12-gauge shotgun, a rifle and a hand gun. 

He also lists 4 vacuum cleaners and a card table.  As for cars -- he has a Ford F-250, a Chevy pickup, a Chevy Tahoe and a Honda 4-wheeler.

As for the warrant -- it seems Craig stopped paying Sara child-related expenses, so the judge slapped him with a contempt citation and made him a wanted man.

You may remember ... Evans and Schelske went through a brutal and ugly split ... he claimed she exposed their kids to drugs and alcohol on her tours ... she claimed he was banging the nanny and was obsessed with porn.

Chickens and porn ... a way to a man's heart.


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I steal pets    

Farm fresh "beggs"' am I right? Who is this dude?

106 days ago


Still no call? You better wake up your senior editor and your legal counsel.

106 days ago


Damn! She was a horrible dancer on DWTS but man she is one sexy lady. She had all those kids but her body is smoking hot. I LOVE YOU SARA!!!!

106 days ago
4. Booboo.....stick ya head in doodoo    

Lmao at the headline

106 days ago


They had to create something new to keep their ratings down, what a joke of a family

106 days ago

Ozzie X    

I thought that was Sarah Mclachlan. He can sell fried chicken at a stand on the corner of the street.

106 days ago

August Baby 77    

I love her music she is beautiful😊

106 days ago

Jamey Hunter    

Yet another nobody filing bankruptcy after living the high life. If she helped him amass all his debt, she needs to help him day it off, no matter what an idiot he is--she chose to marry it!

106 days ago


I don't feel sorry for anyone who claims bankruptcy while owning four vehicles. Sell them, pay some bills..

105 days ago

Rectum? Damn Nearly Killed Him!!    

She has a nice rack, definitely doable

105 days ago

Roberik 22    

He has nothing? Where is he living? Where's he parking his cars? U can only drive one at a time. Sell the rest. Get working.

105 days ago


The moment I read the DVDs I knew it was the porn guy. What and idiot!

105 days ago


if I remember correctly, he proved the porn and babysitter allegations to be false, and she just sounds like a total whacko. Maybe she needs to help her children's father? I'm sure their children would appreciate the gesture, and they would maybe learn a lesson besides GREED, in the process.

105 days ago


Get a job. They are divorced she owes him zippo. Sell some eggs and since your into porn and babysitters, maybe u can make a porn movie with the babysitter.

105 days ago


As someone who knows Craig and Sara, I assure you that Sara was behind this smear campaign which came out just a few hours after she was served with an unexpected custody filing. She might be a talented singer and charming, but in her real life, behind closed doors, she's conniving and fraudulent. TMZ wrote a piece that is not accurate and they were obviously misled by Sara. Again, she ended up with a most salacious story released to the harm of her own children as it was falsely damning to their father. There is a small portion that is accurate in this story that at the time was known only to Craig and Sara and their lawyers. Therefore, all evidence leads to Sara as the "Hot Tip" giver. The fact of the matter is that Sara has used the Williamson County Courts in TN to try to destroy the father of her children. This court has joined in with her because Craig unearthed, in his lawsuit depositions, collusion and other corruptions by Sara and Craig's former TN custody judge. TN courts want Craig silenced for obvious reasons and Sara wants him to be destroyed financially so he will no longer be able to fight for his children in court. Harvard Law researched and released a study that found Tennessee to be the most corrupt court system in the country. The TN court ordered Craig to pay all of Sara's legal fees (The money TMZ misreported as back child support) because Tennessee Court's goal was to break Craig financially and the warrant for his arrest was used to limit his income opportunities-again to break him financially. Craig does work and has a loving relationship with his children. This is not a child support issue. The problem is that the Williamson County Courts in TN don't have jurisdiction over this case anymore. Jefferson County in Al has jurisdiction. The judge in Alabama assumed jurisdiction in 2012. Tennessee courts ordered Craig to pay Sara's legal fees in 2013 and TN placed a warrant for his arrest after Alabama had established jurisdiction. This was all done illegally. Sara will present her fictitious 'case' to any one who will listen and she uses her celebrity as a platform. In 2006, she lied about Craig while on DWTS in front of 26 million people. Sara has settled out of court, high six figures, with the nanny whom she accused of cheating with Craig. In addition, Sara confessed, in a 2009 court deposition, that she had lied in 2006 about Craig being a porn addict and a cheater. Sara said in the deposition that she lied to the courts and the public about Craig in order to gain control of their "money, children and house. " TMZ should also be aware that Craig sued Sara's divorce attorney in 2007 for defamation. Her attorney settled with Craig out of court.

105 days ago
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