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JLo & Marc Anthony:

Our Kids Legally CAN'T Be Fame Whores!

6/19/2014 9:45 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF


  • Details Why Lady Gaga Pulled Her Controversial Music Video
  • Kat Von D has an Obsessed, Violent Fan
  • 'The Bachelorette' Realizes She Made a Huge Mistake
  • Sandra Bullock's Stalker Saga Gets Even Scarier


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Someone advise North West on how to get the same deal

95 days ago


North West and Blue Ivy are the same kid...♠♠♠

95 days ago


Charles is a little condescending to Tim ..♠♠♠

95 days ago


Don't be fooled by the rocks that she's got.
She's still Jenny from the toilet block.

94 days ago



Medical doctors do not have the right to declare someone as competent or incompetent. By law, only the court can decide that.

94 days ago

Michael Nunn    

Hey TMZ, just saw this video. First, you guys have the ability to contact me, because I have posted from here. Second, I have been in contact on several occasions with Detective Burbiar of the Los Angeles Sheriff's department for nearly a month, he has been very helpful, etc. So... what you're reporting, as far as a manhunt, is incorrect, at no point was their a manhunt. Second, I have been watching the old account, I see stuff up that I dont remember posting and I dont have blackouts, which is why I believe that someone else is posting. I have asked Detective Burbier on several occasions what I can do to prevent that, as well as people who know a lot about computers. They said it depends on wherever the person hacked; did they hack my computer or did they hack my server and internet provider, if they hacked my computer, the police should be able to find out who posts, who they hacked my server it will be a lot more difficult to find out because everything will show up from the same IP address. Anyways, rest safe and sound Los Angeles, Im not going to hurt anyone, sounds like WAY TOO MUCH WORK hahaha. Also, I have never broken my restraining order with Kat, (calling her kat because I know that the other guy on the show doesnt like me calling her kathy,) I keep a private diary on my computer, either I email myself, or I make videos like that, which pop up on the timeline. Im pretty sure that Im the person that initiated the account on twitter, but I know for a fact I didnt do all the posts. As far as the situation with Kat, I mean her absolutely no harm, I have no intentions of trying to harm her, of hurting anyone, etc. Yes, I liked her a lot and was obsessed for a long time, I saw her as someone that had been hurt by people, and I know that Im a very committed person, (no pun intended on committed haha) and that is why I tried so hard, I believed that I would be the answer to her prayers because Im not the type of person to cheat, use for money, hit, take advantage, etc. I was attracted to her for many reasons and believed if I could just get a chance, everything would change. I never got that chance, and I did give up, moving back to Iowa should have made that completely clear. Yes, I am very upset about how things turned out, and there have been times when Ive been angry and said stupid stuff I dont mean out of anger, but I had no intentions of doing anything and the statements being attributed to me, I never remember saying or typing, hence a hacker. P.S. since you have given me so much bad publicity when I was just a guy who really really really liked a girl, if I dont attack anyone or Kat, which I wont, will you give me some good publicity at some point to illustrate the positive aspects of my personality? Whatever man in Santa Monica or wherever it was that shot people, probably wouldnt have done so if TMZ was talking about how great he was all the time :D I certainly wouldnt :D

93 days ago


Why are we watching the so called LI VE TMC when its ..this past Fridays show and its Wed...but I do look forward to Tim's Rejects.

89 days ago

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