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Tracy Morgan Crash

Investigators Say ...

Truck Driver Was Speeding

6/19/2014 8:35 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF
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The truck driver who plowed into Tracy Morgan's limo bus -- killing one man -- was driving 20 mph over the speed limit ... according to federal investigators.

A report from the National Transportation Safety Board says trucker Kevin Roper was driving his rig at 65 mph at the time of the crash ... even though the posted speed limit was 45 mph due to construction in the area. The regular speed limit is 55 mph.

Roper's tractor-trailer slammed into Morgan's vehicle June 7 on the New Jersey Turnpike. He pleaded not guilty to charges of death by auto.

Morgan is still in the hospital with multiple injuries and is listed in fair condition. 65-year-old comedian James McNair was killed in the crash.



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I believe it. A few days ago I was driving home from visiting a friend in another state and yes, I was speeding, but the semis were still passing me, even though they were supposed to be doing only 55. And they were weaving as of they were in a sports car. Some, not all, truck drivers are extremely dangerous

128 days ago


Time to pay up Walmart! AND send this fool to jail.

128 days ago


its all around a bad situation, i bet money wal mart was on his a@@ to deliver the load, i know how walmart treats its employee s ,

128 days ago

little b    

you all want to blame trucks for the accidents that they are involved in, here is a stat for you..74% of all truck involved crashes are the result of a four wheeler(passenger car). this means 26% are caused by the truck driver. don't get me wrong there are some bad apples out there, aren't they always.. MOST of us professional drivers are trying to be safe and as courteous as we can out on the highway to make it home to see our families as well. And by the way, I'll guarantee you that this driver was not the only one doing MPH over the limit, matter of fact i'd probably say he was probably almost the slowest vehicle at the time. considering it was 55MPH just prior, it would be easy to say most passenger cars were doing at least 70 thru the 55, and some trucks as well just to be correct. BTW i drive a 62 MPH truck, which means this is my top speed i can achieve, and in 55 MPH zones i can't keep up with the traffic because you are all going much faster than that in said posted limit, no one slows down from 70mph zones to when it changes to 55mph. no one slows down for construction zones, what makes you think all the other vehicles on the highway that night slowed down here.....they didn't and the next thing you have is a lane closure with people trying to get over out of that lane and the next thing you know people are slamming on their brakes because of them, which leads to what happend here. you want blame, blame every one on the highway at the time, every one had a hand in it one way or another

127 days ago


I'm not saying there are not some bad Trucker drivers out there, but these days they have stricter rules to follow

126 days ago


Everyone goes 15-20 mph over the speed limit on the Jersey Turnpike, truckers and cars a like.

125 days ago
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