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Richard Roundtree

Women are Stupid

To Swoon Over Dreamy McMug Shot

6/20/2014 3:45 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

062014_roundtree_launchDon't ask Richard Roundtree to explain why women are attracted to bad men ... because Richard doesn't understand the opposite sex at all.

Roundtree was leaving LAX on Thursday when our photog posed the question ... why are so many chicks attracted to Jeremy Meeks, the dangerous dude with the hot mug shot? 

We thought the man known for portraying one of the most notorious ladies men in all of film history might have insight ... but alas, he was just as clueless as us.

Damn right.


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You couldn't have found a more random person to ask

126 days ago

Cirrus Unicus    

He's right. Do you think that guy has even read a book? Has insightful opinions about politics and human rights? Won't beat the **** out of you or shoot you in the face in an argument? Guaranteed, home slice has massive behavioural issues. And he's about to get more when people start throwing money at him for modelling gigs. Assuming of course that he gets out of jail ever. Either way, this will blow up in someone's face, more likely than not. /rant

126 days ago


Hard to argue the obvious, isn't it.

126 days ago

The New Improved Sock Puppet    

You and me both, Richard. He's probably 5'2" tall. He's hard a core gangbanger and a felon who probably has no qualms about shooting anyone who pisses him off. Any woman he gets with is nothing more than a warm khunt or a mouth to service him and then to get out of his life. Every woman's dream, right?

126 days ago


The 'convicted felon' is one good looking fella, that's for sure. Most guys have some sort of record anyways, besides who cares? He's 6'1, damn good lookin & he's a bad boy.. Y'all stop hating. The only thing that could ruin it now is only if he has the sense of humor of a Shrimp..hehe

126 days ago


Lol... Jus like men..paying for

126 days ago


Smart man, right on the mark saying nothing.

126 days ago

Cookie Lady    

He does have a nice face but that's where it ends. Felonies and murderous/rapist capabilities aside why would a woman who had even a small amount of self-esteem want a man who can't even stand alone and has to be surrounded by a pack of rabid animals for validation? That's not a man.

126 days ago

Celeb Gossip Addict    

He i still a very good looking man himself.

126 days ago


Richard Roundtree in "Shaft"-- boy, does this bring back memories of my childhood! Richard was a successful model himself when tapped to play the John Shaft character. He also battled breast cancer (which is rare in males) a while back. Glad to see Richard looking fit and healthy.

126 days ago


Jeesus Christ, its all just fun! Why can men make comments about a girls looks but women cant?

125 days ago

jae kae    

And this is different than men throwing money at trashy drug addicted strippers how......?

125 days ago


Lol I agree men constantly comment about women but we say something like Taylor (twlight) yesterday he's hot ... oh he's gay ... oh thug.... blah blah blah men are such complainers.

125 days ago


hes got more sense than all those women and the tmz staff

125 days ago


Some women are attracted to bad boys just like some men are attracted to bad girls.

There's nothing wrong with finding any person physically attractive but there is something seriously wrong when you want to have a relationship with someone who can only drag you down to the gutter.

125 days ago
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