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Kim Kardashian

Assistant Tears Up Ghost

That's How She Rolls

6/23/2014 9:55 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Kim Kardashian Assistant Drives Car MailboxKim Kardashian got something special in her mail box over the weekend ... clumps of paint from her $300,000 Rolls Royce.

Seems Kim's assistant isn't proficient at navigating the ostentatious whip ... she tried backing out of the driveway and tore into the mailbox.   What's amazing ... she didn't stop when she heard metal-on-metal.

Kim is all too forgiving ... her assistant's job is secure and the repair costs -- which could approach $20K -- will not be deducted from her salary.

Someone  should bookmark this post for North West  ... it's called precedent.



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Your employer could not make you pay for damage like that unless it were intentional. They can fire you, but it is illegal to deduct it from your paycheck.

66 days ago

So Nasty So Rude    

So what!! Boohoo poor little rich girl!

66 days ago


Was north in it ? Or is she riding the subway alone because everyone's hung over from the fake PR party ?

66 days ago


Everybody is talking about how tired they are about TMZ over printing the Kardashian stories, but every time I come here, the tired folks are the first ones to read this stuff, and then write a comment about it, I thinks that's why TMZ keep the Kardashian stories coming. Because they have about fifty thousand people per day rushing to say how disappointed they were to be forced to read the stories. lol Next week it will be one hundred thousand people coming here to say how disappointed they are.

66 days ago


First one of Kayne's guys hits the gates of his house with his Aventador now this... Amazing how the thing has 360... view cameras to avoid hitting sh!t but low and behold.

66 days ago


It's called INSURANCE!

66 days ago


That car is ugly. Maybe it's just the color and dark rims.

66 days ago
23. Booboo.....stick ya head in doodoo    

Cant wait for all the $ to finish

66 days ago


Well, that $300,000 car got its ass kicked by a mailbox. It shows that you only pay for the name and not the quality. Smh.

66 days ago


Maybe if Kenya pisses all over it (like he does Kim Slut) then nobody will see it..... That is one nasty vile family of whores...

66 days ago


What a trite TMZ irrelevant, story. Where are the CURRENT pics strories on Kim & the kid and the family dysfunction?? If TMZ is going to mention them on here, at least have a real story~

66 days ago


DUH...f!ckin ****s.

66 days ago


That's!... hmm... actually that's damn decent of Kim. As far as fire-able grounds or restitutions go, she's completely entitled. At minimum, she could've thrown a 20K ass whoopin'. I can't believe I'm about to say this, ESPECIALLY about a Kardashian but.... Kim acted like a great human being. I wish more people were as cool in this situation. Eww. I feel dirty now, lol. Course now the assistant owes her for like, ever. That'll be fun.

66 days ago


Why would she have to pay anything out of her check besides the insurance deductible anyway? 20k in damage will be handled by the insurance, not out of pocket. Also there's damage to two sides of the vehicle, on opposite ends. Front right quarter panel and rear left quarter panel. Your description of what caused the damage doesn't coincide with the damage unless there's more to the story. That's a significant dent in the front, that isn't from backing out of a driveway... that's a head on collision.

Source: I'm an insurance adjuster

66 days ago


Can we go one day, just ONE DAY without a report about the Kardashian's? I mean really enough already

66 days ago
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