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New 'Body Count' Video

Is Not Racist

6/24/2014 6:23 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

062414_ice_t_launch_v2Ice-T says its just coincidental that ONLY white people get shot in his new video.

The song -- "Talk S**t, Get Shot" -- features several drive-by shootings ... and the victims are all white.  Ice scoffs at criticism that the song's racist.

Ice told our photog last night there was a simple explanation ... "They only brought white people for us to shoot." 

Ice tries explaining the meaning of the song ... watch the video and then decide for yourself if you're buyin' what he's sellin'. 


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The best part is that this could very well be a racists video but all black dudes want to date white girls. So I do find it rather funny that all these black guys are talking **** about white people, then they go home to their beautiful WHITE wife. Jokes on them.

129 days ago


This is bull**** he's blairacial so he could do that. It's the producer who is trying to secretly trying to say something to someone. He also stated how he wish he could sometbdo something to people who discuss race. Is he saying that about everyone or just African Americans. We as African Americans know when discrimination is present after thousands of years our people were enslaved we are not naive. When blacks speak about race were harrassed, beaten, illegally imprisoned, have our job and housing taken from us, but if any other race do it especially whites they get a pat on the back. Maybe a lost of job, made to sell their sports team, follow and illegally kill a child, An African reporter lost her job for responding to a caucasian who was playing the race card. What about the radio announcer who called the African American women basketball players nappy head hoes he lost his job. What about jobs where they discriminate against you because of racacism, hate,

129 days ago


So 90% of the people they hired to work that day are white. Probably all the crew they hired were white. Even Ice T doesn't hire Black people. Real racist lmao. And this was awesome and badass.

129 days ago


Im a victim of a hatecrime so as I try to type or make changes therethere doinDBg it for me. Nevertheless a

129 days ago


Because associate yourself with another race does not mean your not racist. I know many people who do not care for other races, cultures, or ethnicities. But the communicate with them only at work or job gatherings and meeting they may do som things at there homes

129 days ago


ice cream:
you lie.

129 days ago


Descrimination is even worst when law enforcement and government hurt innocent people and there the criminals who is violating peoples privacy illegally. Then yhey get mad cause you snap. Would you curse someone out who is destroying your life I love Ice T he and coco is my favorite. TMZ lose the ear phone not

129 days ago


Ya right. And I bet he would have had a holy sh!t fit if it had been only blacks that had been 'provided' for them to shoot!! SMDH Racism only goes one way didn't you know?

129 days ago


And people wonder why we have mass shootings....he is completely glorifying to be an animal..disgusting. Not only does the video suck , by killing white people, but the lyrics suck too.

129 days ago


Its hard to move on when raciest people wont let u

129 days ago


Leave him alone. He is the original OG.

129 days ago


Let's try a test: Make a movie called Black Chicks, Black Men Can't Swim, Dear Black People, Create groups like the congressional white caucus, and national advancement of caucasian people and let the games begin.

129 days ago


Oh no...the people that had hundreds of years head start in this country to create wealth, get education, and climb the totem pole are complaining about reverse racism again lmao. "Well sure most wealth is owned by whites, most prisoners are black, and sentencing unfairly skewed against blacks for the same crimes whites commit, but but but Ice T only shoots white people in his new video. Soooo unfair :( " You sound like morons lol.

129 days ago


I could only imagine if a white person made a video like that.

129 days ago


I love Ice-T. how can he be a racist? he's been married to Coco for, like 400 years. race-baiting TMZ. give it a rest.

129 days ago
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