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'Pit Bull Girl'

KFC Concludes

Story Is BOGUS

6/24/2014 1:26 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF
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KFC Pit Bull Girl Story

KFC is calling BS on  the "pit bull girl" who was allegedly turned away from one of its franchises because customers were grossed out by her bite wounds.

KFC claims there have now been 2 investigations -- one internal and one independent -- and both show "no evidence" such an incident ever occurred at the Jackson Mississippi franchise.

3-year-old Victoria Welcher's family claims the girl was kicked out because employees felt her facial wounds from the dog attack were upsetting customers.

KFC says it will still honor its $30,000 donation to assist Victoria's family in paying her medical bills. 

So even if the claim was phony ... it worked.


No Avatar


Great. Reward the grifters. That's America.

121 days ago

Jamey Hunter    

Time for law enforcement to get involved. All money needs to be returned or grandma goes to jail.

121 days ago


The grandpa had something like 10 dogs in the backyard where she was ALONE wandering around. The dogs were put down and she lost an eye as well as part of her face. The grandpa and his girlfriend were charged with neglect, and I can just imagine how they will benefit from them neglecting their own granddaughter and putting he'd through so much physical and emotional pain. I would make the check out to the hospital if I were KFC. Id also remove her from her abusive family.

121 days ago


The mother lied on news last night and said the man's dog that bit her daughter couldn't afford to help them. The man said that he was willing to help financially because of the dog bite. The mother is getting as much money that she can from this incident, from whoever she can.

121 days ago


What a sick family using that poor little girl for their cash grab. Great examples for the poor thing to look up to. If KFC is smart they will pay those medical bills directly so the family cannot waste HER money on cigarettes, booze and meth. Nice that that awful woman got an innocent employee fired and the country fired up at the Jackson, MS franchise. I hope CPS looks into this family. The child has already been neglected by having been at grandaddy's pit bull palace. There is something wrong with these people. If restaurants in Jackson are smart they will put that old bag on blast and make everyone aware of her con artistry.

121 days ago


Wow that's crazy

121 days ago


If I worked for a company and told someone to leave for this reason, I wouldn't hesitate to erase that video before the company had the chance to view it. This little girl knows the truth and would answer honestly.

121 days ago


Colonel Sanders hates kids!

121 days ago


I figured it was a hoax

121 days ago

Ant Fuller    

Guilty til proven innocent, prime example. This country will end up defeating itself while putting the blame on someone else

121 days ago


I don't understand why they had to be deceitful lying grifters about their daughters facial injuries? They can get Obamacare now and get her face all fixed up. They probably voted for him so why aren't they happy with Obamacare for their daughter? Isn't that good enough for them?

121 days ago


Grandma's old ass went on a walmart shopping spree. I say look her up just like the mothers that say their children have cancer when they don't !

121 days ago

Bossy Potato    

I knew that there was something fishy about this story. That is awful. I mean yeah, I guess they needed the money and attention (they live in a trailer park) but c'mon! Involving an innocent three year old girl! Shame on that awful family for lying. I don't care how desperate you are for money. I can't believe KFC is still giving them $30000.

121 days ago


OMG ... Unbelievable. And they involve a CHILD in their scam. I knew it didn't sound right - what kind of person would be complaining about an injured little girl? And to say it was multiple other customers? From the get-go this thing didn't pass the smell test. I say KFC should NOT pay anything to this family unless there is proof from somewhere that it actually happened.

121 days ago

Grim reaper    

If so fake why pay stop trying sound like good people KFC assheads

121 days ago
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