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Come to My Concert ...

See My Ass!!!

6/26/2014 4:00 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Beyonce and Jay Z wasted a ton of money filming a full-length trailer promoting their On the Run Tour because all they had to say was ... BEYONCE SHOWS OFF HER BOOOOOOOTY!!!!

The couple kicked off their tour in Miami Wednesday night and the show-stopping moment was definitely when she performed the song "Naughty Girl" ... wearing a costume with the ass cut out.

This is the best video we've seen featuring Beyonce since ... 



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This's so sad to see how woman are competing to be number one on tv or news I feel bad for Beyoncé cuz she is being going to far with all this fort no necessary shs is in her top of her carrear second she have a baby third she is married. I can't believe to see how far this's going with Hollywood so sad but uncesarry. Blessings always for all.

116 days ago


She's an entertainer and a very good one. Of course she lip syncs at times how the hell else do you expect her to dance her butt off??? You can't say the woman isn't talented and if you do you're just a hater. She isn't stopping low for ticket sales because all shows are already SOLD OUT! She's married and her husband is performing with her. Stop worrying about her personal life. I'm sure 90% of you all commenting with negative comments don't even have your own lives together.

116 days ago


The background music is arabic ..used to like this music. brings back good memories...well not anymore thanks to Beyonce's butt!

116 days ago


Beyonce is copying Rihanna recent outfit,,,, the one she had nothing on and showed off her entire body.... why Beyonce is so jealous???? COPYCAT has no creativity of her own....

116 days ago


Stop hating you wish that was your life!!! Its okay for Cher old ass to be showing and Madonna at least Beyonce Ass looks great!!

116 days ago


nice lipo suction job

116 days ago


She has no ass only hips that's y she got to tape under her cheeks no ass at all flat as Jay-Z face

116 days ago


Hahahaha its so funny how you all can make so many negative comments about someone you dont even know personally. I just wonder how may of you would say it to her face other than hide behind a computer screen??? Be honest with yourselves you are hating on the fact that she is sitting on half a BILLION dollars for her ass and talents and you all are sitting on two nickels wondering how you gonna pay the light bill next month lol

116 days ago


She is pathetic she thinks she is all that please get a grip on yourself

116 days ago


Its so funny how you guys are totally hating on a hard working strong black woman and you dont even know her personally. Last time I checked she paid her own bills and provided for herself when did that become a reason to hate of someone for doing her thing???? Be honest you guys are just hating because her GREAT ass and talents are sitting on half a BILLION dollars and you guys are scrapping pennys together wondering how you gonna pay your rent next month! Mannn haters are an epidemic I swear! #betyouwontsayittoherface

116 days ago

Rhonda Capello    

Lol she has lost so much respect from a lot of people including herself. And her new music sucks

116 days ago


TMZ, how did you miss that her tracks are showing in half the pictures? As rich as she is. ... Unbeweavable!

115 days ago


I don't see nothing what am I looking at lol

115 days ago


I'm very surprised that a classy a-lister like Beyoncé would resort to such trashy measures - she's better than showing her entire ass like that - or u would think so - disappointing -

115 days ago


That background music is stolen from Egyptian composers . You can find the music for Abdul Hali m " khousara". Hova needs to give credit the the arabic legendary artists he and Beyoncé STEAL from

112 days ago
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