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Gary Oldman Apologizes

But Then Again,

He Is a Great Actor ...

6/26/2014 6:14 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF


Gary Oldman apologized again -- this time on Jimmy Kimmel -- for telling Playboy that everyone has used the n-word and talked about "f**king Jews," but Kimmel raised the question ... how do you know if a great actor is being sincere?

Oldman talked for a long time, saying he was sorry for using the words, although he never addressed the sentiment. On Wednesday, he apologized to the Jewish community, but didn't address the African American community.

Oldman has been backtracking ever since the article came out ... where he defended Mel Gibson and Alec Baldwin and postulated that everyone drops a racial slur every now again.

 So we gotta ask ...


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I like Oldman as an actor, but it doesn't make sense. He was sitting for an interview and said something perfectly clear, without being in the heat of the moment, angry or anything. So he clearly said what he thinks. The fact that he would run and say "I'm sorry" so quickly, tells me the apology isn't real, but simply damage control and nothing more.

BTW I just have to say this, sorry...

Somebody get Harry Potter! Sirius has gone Voldemort!

120 days ago


The man was right, and those upset with him are members of the PC police that don't like anyone to disagree. Folks get upset and claim folks hate Obama and make caricatures of him, yet when Bush (which I didn't vote for either time) was depicted as the nerd from MAD or a monkey, etc, it was hilarious to the left.

The left does it, the right does it... so let's stop acting upset and shocked.

Gary, you have earned my respect now for speaking out. Sadly, those named comedians will keep spewing their hate in the guise of comedy and all the wannabe hipsters will swallow it like a street walker getting a BBBJCIM

120 days ago


There isn't a single person on the planet that hasn't used a slur against another race, gender sexual orientation, etc, either in anger, comedy, frustration, or whatever in their lifetime. It's like people who say they've never picked their nose.

Sure as we get older we control what we say more to not offend others if at all possible, but in the end we are all living in glass houses.

120 days ago


No, he still doesn't care, it's a fake apology

120 days ago

Bossy Potato    

Sucks that he has to do an apology that he doesn't mean. He was speaking the truth! Majority of people in the world have used a racial slur. It isn't right, and a lot of people grow up and stop when they get older, but we are human beings who sometimes make mistakes. People need to relax max. And ps. It's not a stereotype that Jewish people run Hollywood. That is fact. 90% of the studio heads are jewish.

120 days ago


The truth needs no defense! Let he without sin cast the first stone! Put down that rock you hypocrite!

120 days ago

Unbroken Chain    

Who cares so he hates Jews and blacks just like millions of people in the world. Just get over it people. It shouldn't affect you. I am Jewish btw. I don't understand why people care so much about what others say. As long as you respect yourself, none of that should matter. The guys is a British actor. Who cares what he thinks.

120 days ago

Unbroken Chain    

He is right that we all use slurs, but why wasn't poor senile Mr Sterling afforded that understanding. He didn't even know what he said would go public unlike this guy

120 days ago


Did anyone actually read the entire interview? I know they used snips of it in articles but did anyone actually read the entire interview? No, he's not a bigot.

120 days ago


Let me go ahead and apologize just in case....I don't know what for, but just in case.

120 days ago


Gary Oldman is right, almost everyone unless your a true church goer has drop a racial slur in their lives.
He shouldn't have to apologize but I understand why he needed to.

120 days ago

Y.T. Houx    

why do you have to apologize for telling the truth? the left will never force me to give up living in reality!!!

120 days ago


Who cares what this self-loathing drama queen has to say? I don't see any black people crying over this.

120 days ago


I'm black, and I know I should be pissed but I REALLY love Gary Oldman. Anyway he does have a point. I don't hate anyone for their race, sexual orientation, or religion but I have said things that would be deemed hurtful to other people either joking around with friends or just because I was frustrated and showed a moment of weakness. I do believe that within recent years the "race card" has been shoved down our throats unnecessarily. If someone is truly racist why give them the time of day? I don't know, but I just think there's a lot of hoopla over nothing

120 days ago


I think a lot of people commenting on here, don't fully understand how free speech works. Without a doubt, you are entitled to say whatever ignorant, harmful or hurtful thing you want to. Freedom of speech however, does not mean freedom from consequences. Every person is free to voice their opinion but that doesn't mean they are free from the ramifications. Some people may not want to spend $14 to see his movies now and others may not want to use him in theirs and that too is our right. Choices come with consequences more often than not.

120 days ago
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