Jeremy Meeks I'M TOO SEXY FOR SHACKLES Begs Judge for Designer Court Clothes

6/27/2014 9:35 AM PDT

Jeremy Meeks might be taking this "I'm a model" thing a little too seriously ... he now wants the judge to greenlight custom-fitted clothing for court ... seriously. 

In new docs, filed by attorney Tai Bogan, Meeks requests, "that measures be taken so he may wear civilian clothing that is fitting for his body structure."

Apparently, dude thinks he's built like Tyson Beckford. 

Clearly, Meeks thinks powerful fashion people may be watching ...  and god forbid he looks like a schlub.

He also wants the judge to let him take off the shackles in court -- "shackles can interfere with Mr. Meeks' ability to communicate with his lawyer."