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R. Kelly

Refuses To Accept

His Daughter Is Now His Son

6/27/2014 12:20 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF


R. Kelly can't accept the fact he has a transgender child -- a daughter who chooses to live as a male -- and at least one very close relative is attacking the singer as heartless.

Andrea Kelly says R still refers to 14-year-old Jaya as his daughter ... even though Jaya came out as transgender earlier this month and now calls himself Jay.  She tells TMZ, "That's like calling him [R. Kelly] a background singer, not the king of R&B."

The "Bump N' Grind" singer made his feelings clear last weekend ... when a Chicago radio host dared to ask about Jay.  It's apparent, Kelly not only can't handle it ... he doesn't believe it.

Andrea says Jay has not had gender reassignment surgery, but Andrea says she's respecting the change.  Well, that makes one.


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Hyper valency    

He's trapped in the closet!

118 days ago


Well he is just a jerk all around isn't he. Support your children, even when it is hard. Most people think you're a dirty perv, but I bet your kids stood by you, didn't they. POS

118 days ago


Isn't R Kelly the guy who peed in/on an underage girl??? Shouldn't this dumbf*ck be doing his interviews from prison?? I have way more respect and understanding for his kid than I will ever have for him. Hey R Kelly, SHUT THE F*CK UP for once.

118 days ago


Hmm. It's strange that he keeps saying "believe what u see". He must be blind because all I see is his daughter looking and acting like a dude. And lets face it, you only moved because your broke- not because of the kids.

118 days ago


I'm surprised that a teen would be absolutely sure about this at age 14, but I suppose we all mature at our own pace.
I hope he has a supportive and understanding Mom (sounds like she is) as he probably has one of the most misogynist and ignorant Dads around.

118 days ago


Until she, legally becomes a he, jay remains a girl. Wearing pants instead of an skirt does not make you a male.

118 days ago


Dude is a creep but he has a right to not accept it give the man some time to wrap his head around this don't force him to accept it I hate how gay people and transgender (same **** to me) want people to accept them when they say so it took most if not all of you time to accept who you really were right so its going to take those around you time too

118 days ago


I know she hasn't transition yet so this doesn't apply to her but I still don't get why people try to "correct" their biology by pumping themselves full of hormones, doing plastic surgery, and mutilating their genitals but then fight to not have males cir***cised until they are a 21 year old legal adult. Your body can't just be the wrong gender unless you were physiologically intersex (XXY XYY) and had the wrong genital removed. You simply have a physio-psychological disorder (GID and Body dysmorphic disorder ) that needs to be corrected with therapy, medicine, and/or possibly brain surgery.

118 days ago


Of course it thinks it's a boy. MTV has every kid thinking they should be sexually confused.

118 days ago


This cheap perverted bastard wishes he was the king of R&B more like Burger King. Shouldn't he be pushing a broom? Didn't he sexually assault dozens of under age girls? Why isn't he in prison? Chris Brown hit someone and he's held accountable for years this guy defiles half the country and is still breathing. Doesn't anyone have a big brother or father anymore? WTH? His music is for idiots and deviants that encourage our rapey culture. It's disgusting.

118 days ago


how is he heartless? he has a Daugther, wh was born a female. SHe isnt a male. So why should he entertain her fantasy, she's only 14. has not even went through puberty really. Its the adults F8&king these kids up more these days than anything else. He's doing the right thing. just because you dont agree r approve with homosexuality does not make you homophobic. SHe wants to be identified as a boy, and date girls. who are attracted to masculine images./identities , or they wouldn't be attracted to studs. and all the while still crave d*ck. and buy strap ons and dildos. why buy it, when you can get the real thing for free.

118 days ago


thats what you get for being a pedophile.

118 days ago


How could he work with Lady Gaga if he doesn't accept transgender people?

118 days ago


You are born a female u will die a female deal with it

118 days ago


Andrea needs to discuss this with her ex-husband privately. This a a family issue not a gossip blog issue.

117 days ago
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