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Robert Downey Jr.

Deeply Involved in Son's

Struggle with Sobriety

6/30/2014 12:16 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Robert Downey Jr.
has been very privately helping his son struggle with addiction problems for years ... with some success ... sources connected with the family tell TMZ.

TMZ broke the story ... 20-year-old Indio was arrested Sunday for cocaine possession.  We're told it's the latest slip in his ongoing struggle with drugs ... and his dad has been deeply involved in Indio's treatment.

Indio has been in and out of treatment programs for several years.  One source says until Sunday Indio had a fairly long stretch of time when he was clean, in no small part because of Robert's counseling.

We're told Robert feels a degree of guilt as a father ...  because he's been through the same struggle.

One source put it this way, "Because of Robert's own struggle he's very much in tune with his son's sobriety.  And that has really helped Indio."

Everyone we've spoken with says Indio is a good person who is polite, well-mannered and serious about trying to stay clean, but like so many people with addiction problems, he's slipped.

Indio has also seen Robert help others who have struggled, including Mel Gibson.



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Indio is SO lucky to have a loving, supportive Father who not only talks the talk, but walks the walk. How very hard this must be for both of them. But, it is a life long battle from what I hear and he'll have ups and downs with it. It's just remarkable that his Dad is so helpful with him and doesn't just ignore him and send him off someplace without support from loved ones. I wish them both the very best and hope we don't wake up some morning to find one or both of them dead. Keep fighting the good fight and stay away from the crappy drugs and the crappy people that live that life.

53 days ago


I'm quite sure Sunday's bust he wasn't clean before it. Just happened to get busted. But if they want to live under a rock and pretend he was clean for a long stretch it will only hurt the kid. And he need professional help, not daddy's, even though he used to be a drug addict himself.

53 days ago

boo boo    

Wow! He looks just like his dad!

53 days ago

Unbroken Chain    


53 days ago


I know drug and alcohol abuse can and does happen anywhere, but I can't imagine Hollywood is the best place to live if you're trying to turn your life around... Best of luck to him.

53 days ago


Sending good wishes their way. I hope Indio can deal with his issues and regain sobriety......and that his Dad can be his rock.

53 days ago


I often think about RDJr when you hear about recent celebrity struggles with addiction. He made it. He revived his career and credibility. I am sorry for his son, and pray the outlook is the same as his father's; a strong comeback. Good luck, Indio.

53 days ago


His dads help can only go so far its time to go back ti rehab. his dad can't go where his son goes and definately since he feels guilty he'll believe his son is really trying. no robert your kid was caught with drugs. he may have a major relapae but that's where professnals step in. I'm glad we are hearing the support you are giving and how proactive the cops were. #realitycheck time for rehab

53 days ago


It's nice to have someone who understands what your going through young man. First the yong man has to admit he has a problem, that will be with him for the rest of his life. I'm an achoholic, Or I should say a recovering achoholic. You can never say that you graduated the program. My father was an achoholic, and went to a meeting with me. As people are going around the room, each person gets up, and introduces them self. I remember at the meeting he went to, he said he had graduated that program. Everyone knows that is a load...It's an on going thing, for the rest of your life.. I have fallen off the wagon several times. Always saying that, this time I can drink responsibly. I've found with myself, that I was just fooling myself. Keep it simple my friend.

53 days ago

James R. - Los Angeles    

"Less Than Zero".

53 days ago


He should've been deeply involved in raising him in the first place, then there would be no struggle with sobriety. I think it's karma, Iron Man neglected his family for drugs earlier in his career and now it comes back around full circle.

53 days ago


Like father like son.

53 days ago


TMZ sure does attract a lot of hypocrites. With that said, his first mistake was naming him Indio. There's obviously nothing indian about him.

53 days ago


Poor writing: "[he is] helping his son struggle with addiction."

53 days ago


Naww poor little baby, hope he gets the help he needs xxxxx NOT. Just another piece of trash in this f***ed up world. My heart bleeds for the animal he must have such a hard life being Robert Downey Jr's son, its such a burden having access to money, to fame, to financial freedom.

53 days ago
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