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Joan Rivers

Screw You, Protesters

My Furs Are Older than Me

7/2/2014 12:50 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Joan Rivers PETA
Joan Rivers lashed out at animal rights protesters at her book signing Tuesday ... insisting she's exposing the dead animals on her back to culture.

Joan was at Barnes and Noble in Times Square hawking her new book, "Diary of a Mad Diva" ... when someone from the animal rights org asked her why she insisted on wearing fur.

Joan seems stumped at first ... then lashes out.

And then the twist ... Joan seems to say she's not in the market for buying new furs, but she's not opposed to wearing the old ones.  

Joan tells the crowd the furs have 2 options ... her basement or The Met.



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News Flash     

Joan ignorant Rivers is not even funny. She makes a living off belittling other people. No wonder her husband killed himself.

112 days ago


I agree with her. If you've (already) got it, then flaunt it.

112 days ago


Gosh, bitch.

112 days ago


I hate Joan Rivers and I hate PETA, but I side with Joan on this one. First of all, I actually know many people who own fur coats, but they're OLD coats. Like, passed down through the family. It's not like they went out and found a fur coat maker and said "Skin me 101 dalmatians and make me a coat". PETA, I'm sure started out as a good cause, but over the years they've done nothing but become a mockery of themselves. They waste so much money on pointless useless "protests" it's not even funny. MILLIONS spent on trying to ban Pokemon (after the game/shows have been around for 20 years) because it teaches "kids to trap animals and use them for sport". IT'S FAKE. MILLIONS spent on a program targeted at children tellng them that "If Daddy fishes, he'll probably have no problem killing your pet dog too". I mean, come one. Look at the stats... they spend 80+% of their money paying celebrities to get naked for their pointless billboards.

112 days ago

Just Me    

Go Joan. PETA is nothing more than a group of loons that other loons give money to!

112 days ago


If only PETA spent all that energy on helping the homeless.

112 days ago


Her husband realized he was married to a horrible, selfish person and offed himself. Hers spin on it was never believable.

112 days ago


Does that girl in the blue have a leather bag on her shoulders or am I bugging? Wouldn't that make her a ****ing hypocrite the probably have leather shoes and cars with leather leather chairs

112 days ago


I don't wear fur because its too expensive . But i don't agree with the way PETA handle people that does wear it. People can wear what they want .

112 days ago


I wonder if they have a problem with the close they are wearing chances are it was probably made in a sweatshop by someone overworked and underpaid

112 days ago


Screw Peta is my sentiment as well. If someone ever threw paint or blood on my fur I would have them arrested. Who the He*l do they think they are!

112 days ago


THEY WERE NO PETA PROTESTERS. I was there! This was an organized action from people who care about the well being of these innocent animals.

112 days ago


I don't wear fur because I think it's tacky but I do wear leather boots and carry leather bags. Who gives a sh*t? PETA and vegans are so annoying. And, for the record "vegans", we all know you sneak cheese when nobody is looking. Who the f*ck doesn't like cheese!?

112 days ago


Uhm Joan...sweetie...NOTHING is older then YOU!

112 days ago


The one good thing about seeing someone wear lets you know up front that they are selfish people. These aren't animals that died so we could eat, some of those coats take hundreds of little animals who die a cruel death so you can wear them here and there? Its gross and I am happy people display how selfish they are in view for all to see that way I know they aren't someone I want to date or be friends with.

112 days ago
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