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Joan Rivers

Screw You, Protesters

My Furs Are Older than Me

7/2/2014 12:50 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Joan Rivers PETA
Joan Rivers lashed out at animal rights protesters at her book signing Tuesday ... insisting she's exposing the dead animals on her back to culture.

Joan was at Barnes and Noble in Times Square hawking her new book, "Diary of a Mad Diva" ... when someone from the animal rights org asked her why she insisted on wearing fur.

Joan seems stumped at first ... then lashes out.

And then the twist ... Joan seems to say she's not in the market for buying new furs, but she's not opposed to wearing the old ones.  

Joan tells the crowd the furs have 2 options ... her basement or The Met.



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lisa clark-kahn    

Good for peta its enough pretending its anything but disgusting to wear fur.

115 days ago


Just heard this discussed on TMZ Live and Harvey was going on about wearing fur and leather being the same. There is a difference: leather is a by-product of meat production. Mink is not raised for food. When cattle are slaughtered there are only two options for the skin, discard it or turn it into a useful product we call leather. Considering the number of burgers and steaks consumed around the world it is surprising that leather costs as much as it does. My best to all. Tom

115 days ago


That's so sad that animals are being killed to make a coat! Smh devastating!

115 days ago


Joan has been doing this offensive type of crap for years.

I remember Princess Grace died, Rivers called her daughter Princess Caroline and Princess Stephanie a couple of bums, right after their mom died.

115 days ago


In this day and age, buying and/or wearing furs is kind of like an IBM Selectric typewriter or a Sony Betamax, dated and old. Why anyone would even want to wear a moldy, stinky old fur from some poor animal is beyond me. We have lovely synthetics and in this day and age we no longer need to kill animals to stay warm. It's disgusting.

115 days ago


PETA has routinely KILLED over 90% of the animals it takes in to "find loving homes for", including a few dozen healthy puppies and kittens they dumped in as grocery store dumpster in Ahoskie NC long before they even got to the multi-million dollar 'shelter' in Virginia Beach, VA. Google it.

Yeah, they have NO room to gripe about wearing fur.

114 days ago


Truth is fur bearing animals live a horrific life and extremely cruel death, most being skinned alive...Joan does not have compassion for these living, breathing beings...If she did, she would never promote this viokence, stop wearing eartlings!!

114 days ago

nancycaiazzo free online

114 days ago


Union Square...not Times Square.

110 days ago


Everybody having a fit about some old media whore wearing fur do you not realize that millions of people this past winter were wearing fur? Are you familiar with the company Canada Goose? Everybody had one of these coats and they are made with real goose down and trimmed with coyote fur. The coyotes are wild and snared in the forest where they may be stuck for days until a trapper checks his traps. That's worse than her coats because this is happening everyday in this day and age not 50 years ago when we didn't know any better.

110 days ago

Timmy Boy    

Love gee

104 days ago


Peta actually does a lot of bad. Their means do not justify their goals. But hey, stupid stars who want attention that their talents don't warrant are happy to let PETA advertise them for they all continue.

51 days ago


Peta actually does a lot of bad. Their means do not justify their goals. But hey, stupid stars who want attention that their talents don't warrant are happy to let PETA advertise them for they all continue.

51 days ago

I'm a vegan and that means I don't eat or wear ANYTHING from any animal. I buy anything that is tested on animals. I don't go to the zoo, circus etc or in other words any venue with animals. Unless you are vegan people pick and choose what animals they care about. You can rescue dogs and cats and wear fur or eat pigs and people say "I love animals" NO you don't love animals, you love your pet whatever animal it might be. Or people get upset when China skins dogs and cats alive for their fur but will wear a mink coat. All animals are skinned alive for their fur and leather. Like I said unless you are a true vegan, you are a hypocrite.

48 days ago
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