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Katy Perry Sued

You Jacked Our Christian Song

And Made It Blasphemous

7/2/2014 9:46 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF
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Katy Perry SuedKaty Perry Stole Black Horse 

Katy Perry
blatantly stole a song from a Christian hip-hop singer and then tarnished it with witchcraft, paganism and black magic ... at least that's the claim in a new lawsuit.

According to the suit -- obtained by TMZ -- Perry's hit song "Dark Horse" is a rip-off of an award-winning Christian gospel song called "Joyful Noise" ... that was released 5 years before Perry's track.

The suit was filed by an artist known as Flame -- along with other singers. They say Perry not only hijacked their religious music ... she also destroyed their reputation in the Christian music world ... because they're now associated with the anti-Christian witchcraft and imagery that appears in the "Dark Horse" music video.

They're suing for damages ... and want Perry to stop using any form of their music ... stat.

So we gotta ask ...


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Victor Newman    

Good thing Jesus is a lawyer.

83 days ago


i didnt hear it at first, but after giving it a second listen..they sound extremely similar

83 days ago


They have to prove her song is 'substantially similar' to their song for copyright infringement and then she has her defenses such as she was only inspired by their original song. What is interesting to note, is that the original song has a very different beat and Perry's beat and timing of second vocals are exactly the same. Moreover, Perry's works are all the same bubblegum pop but this song was very different from the rest, and is substantially similar. A real artist takes inspiration from others but also gives credit where credit us due. The lawsuit does matter, many times the little creative person never gets their fair share. that is why we have copyright laws and patents.

83 days ago


It's not similar enough, and the suit will get tossed out or decided in favour of Katy Perry. It bares a slight similarity, but in a coincidental way. It not an unusual beat/rhythm, and it's easy for many musicians to compose, independently of each other.

This guy is making an obvious cash grab. There has to be something in his bible about how wrong that is.

83 days ago


That Katy Perry song sounds like a thousand other crappy songs from the last 10 years, but nothing like the Terrible Noise

83 days ago

L. Ron Hubbard    

I heard she sung a song about having sex with an evil spirit!

83 days ago


If you think there are no similarities between the two songs, check out this professional comparison of the two songs by Flames DJ. The similarities cannot be ignored -

83 days ago


A lot of hip hop songs sound like that though...

83 days ago


That squeaky ting ting sound is a lot lower octave in Katy's song plus Katy song doesn't have a lot going on in the sound like the Christian rapper's song. Nice try mc heaven

83 days ago

That Chick    

Yeah, I think they both stole from Art of Noise. Take a listen to Moments in Love which was released in 1985

83 days ago



83 days ago


This guy must be deaf. The words are nothing alike and there's only a slight resemblance to the beat.

83 days ago


They sound nothing alike at all is something wrong with dudes ear and besides suing is not a very christain thing to do

83 days ago

Ranting Irish    

People people she has beenanipulating the public for years like following trend setter but affewonths later so she wont have the bad press, smart in doing it but to me she is transparently a purely manipulative cheating money whore. I cant believe her holier than thou image. To survive in an industry like this and not be tarnished is very curious to me....

83 days ago


Similar does not mean same. Somebody said Perry's just sounded slowed down; I disagree. It sounds like a totally different sound effect. Same beat, but not same sound effect or notes. If the xians win, they'll HAVE to credit a miracle, because I see zero evidence of actual sampling (unlike Vanilla Ice).

83 days ago
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