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Warren Sapp Tip-Gate


... Restaurant Says

7/2/2014 12:08 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF
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The waitress who got stiffed out of a tip by Warren Sapp -- and then posted his credit card receipt online -- will be punished by the Florida restaurant where she works ... management tells TMZ Sports

We spoke with the restaurant manager at the Upper Deck  Ale and Sports Grill in Florida who tells us, "Regardless, famous or not [the bill] should never have been posted. It should not have happened."

The manager says they are "going to have to deal" with the waitress who posted the bill -- and told us she will be reprimanded for her actions.

When asked if the restaurant would be terminating the employee, the manager would not say.

The manager says the restaurant has been getting flooded with phone calls from people voicing their opinion -- "it has been mostly negative."

"People don't want this to happen to them."

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harvey is racist    

they really need to get rid of tipping in america.

pay wwaitresses fair wage.

It promotes discrimination due to various stereotypes that it generates..its overall just a stupid system.
Sometimes the waitresses have a preconcieved idea of what the patron is going to be and they treat the patron with the expectation in mind...this just becomes a self fulfilling thing .

So for example a black or indian couple walks into a restaurant...the waitress sees them and in her mind she;s thinking "oh you know what they say, black/indians dont tip"...so she doesnt serve them in the same manner and urgency she would a white couple....the black/indian patron can easily tell they are getting subpar service compared to the white couple and they tip less as a result. They didnt tip less because they are black/indian..they tipped less because of the subpar service. But the low tip reinforces the notion that blacks dont tip in the eyes of the waitress and the stereotype continues to hold weight.

There are many many other situations like that .The service industry can work in the same way it works in europe etc, where they are paid fairly and if someone wants to tip, then they can ..but its not an obligation to do so.

But ultimately as much as waitresses complain about their job, they recognize that they make a lot more money with this system in place than one without it. They just love the "woe is me" storyline

77 days ago


Wah wah wah. It is common knowledge that wait staff makes up their pay with tips. If she did her job, he Sapp should have tipped her. If she was a crappy server, then don't tip. I don't know how I feel about posting the receipt. Normally the credit card number is blocked out except for the last four.

77 days ago

Mr Barcliff    

Harvey is a racist made an excellent point. The true criminals and wrong doer's are the eatery owners around the USA and world that pay low wages. To depend on customers who pay for there meals(full price 95% of the time, excluding few that offer coupons, this doesnt include Ruths Chris/The Palm etc.) shouldnt have to tip to make sure or assure waiters/waitresses are able to make a decent wage. I always disliked that system when i was young and worked at a eatery such as Olive Garden which was a great place to work. Also, if you dont do a good job or great job waiting tables, why get mad you didnt get tipped. I can say via experience there are great waiters and horrible ones. Some people arent good at waiting on people, the energy needed and patience is rare. Some waitresses make you pay them more and waiter's via attitude!!!!! That said, eateries need to stop putting the pressure on patrons, we come to eat to relax and not have to cook at home or special occasion's, not tip 20% or 18% of what we spent on our bill in total!!!!! If you really think about it, your paying someone to bring your food to you and drinks all items you paid for? Again,some wait staff if better than others doing this, they check on you, keep your coffee or water or other drinks filled, they mention all wine list and etc., i mean on there J-O-B, and they deserve a tip !!!!! LGNM

77 days ago


I have heard by many people that Warren Sapp is a horrible tipper and a very rude person to wait on. It's okay if you don't tip because the service is bad everyone has a bad day sometimes. When the service is good you should tip accordingly which is not the case for Mr. Sapp he is very degrading and leaves 10 % at the most. There is always someone that does this but if your a good server it always evens out at the end. Maybe they should include the tip in the bill automatically so you retards won't have to think about how we have to clean up after you. You all could go to mcdonalds and enjoy a kid's meal without tipping because you are not real men you are boys. Leave the Restraunt s for adults who now how to leave a tip. Sapp your horrible dude shame on you!

77 days ago


A very well known (bearded) quarterback for the Chargers patronized my restaurant way-back-when. Lunch + many beers = $205. After about 3-hours, he tipped the server a $5 bill.
BUT...you never heard about until 25-years later HERE!

77 days ago


Sapp is useless he just reminds me of a guy who has no manners, that server pays the bills with those tips, he has to work manual labor not sacking a qb, both is hard but I'd rather play football and get paid than serve

77 days ago


It doesn't matter if Sapp was right or wrong. The waitress should not have posted his receipt.

77 days ago


Cheap ass!!!!

77 days ago


If I don't like your service you won't be getting a tip from me. Just like that!

77 days ago


He is a cheap person I manage a restaurant the he has been in more than 25 times and the servers have to pull straws to see who gets stuck with his party because he never tips it does not matter how the service is great, good or bad

76 days ago


Cheap ass ...... And it got published!!!

76 days ago

Mike W.    

He should have just punched her, I hear he is real good at hitting women.

76 days ago


Sapp is a complete IDIOT. She meant nothing wrong by calling him and his friend "boys". Servers will call women "girls" all the time. SO FRIGGING WHAT. He proved that the waitress was correct in calling him a boy because HE ACTED LIKE A CHILD.

76 days ago

Barbara Parrish    

He said the service was poor and she kept calling him Boy clearly he's a man. She didn't deserve a tip. Do she post everybody's ticket that don't tip? I think not! He should've left her a penny to let her know that's just how much her service was worth! Remember that's what Oprah said do when service is awful!

76 days ago


I wonder what extra ingredients will be added to Warren's food next time he waddles through the restaurant door. Maybe some spit wads or flim. How about a nose blow. Maybe rub a couple of the chicken wings on the mexican cooks *******

75 days ago
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