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Warren Sapp


... 'Cause She Sucked!

7/2/2014 6:27 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF
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Warren Sapp admits he stiffed a waitress at a Florida sports bar yesterday ... saying the reason he left her NO TIP was because she was terrible at her job.

The waitress at Upper Deck Ale & Sports Grill in the Miami area struck first yesterday -- posting a copy of Warren's credit card receipt where he specifically wrote a big, fat ZERO in the tip spot. 

He also wrote a note, "Boys don't tip."

For the record, Warren had ordered a soup, chicken wings, a sandwich and a bucket of Heineken, totaling $69.39. 


Now, Warren is DEFENDING his non-tipping action -- saying the waitress kept calling Warren and his crew "boys"  -- a term that pissed him off -- so "the tip fit."

Sapp also says he went to the bar to watch the U.S. in World Cup -- but LEFT before it started because "it was horrible and the service was the worst." 

In a related note, Sapp filed for bankruptcy in 2012 and his Nike shoe collection was auctioned off in 2013 ... AND he never paid Rick Ross after losing a $100k bet he made on the Super Bowl. 

So, is he REALLY taking a moral stand ... or is he just too broke to tip? For more sports stories, check out tmzsports.com!

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People Annoy Me    

"Boys don't tip" Way to look like a moronic ass.
Would it be better if she called him and his crew ladies?

115 days ago


I'm not a Warren Sapp fan, I think he's a jackass but in this case I'm with him. If you do a bad job you don't get a tip. Do a better job ! Last I checked tipping is voluntary not mandatory, that's way it's called a "Gratuity".

115 days ago


I am all for Sapp not tipping. Had the same problem at the Wing House in Tampa. These girls are to busy running their gums and not doing their job. Last trip there it took 27 minutes before they even came to our table, All standing around talking to friends. Bad Business ethics.

115 days ago

L. Ron Hubbard    

Sapp is Crap!

115 days ago


Now i know he was there for 2 hours who stays somewhere for 2 hours if your not being help y is everyone saying she did a bad job his baby mommas must have did a bad job so he did not pay them the bank that loads him money did a bad job so he did not pay them rick ross did a bad job picking the winning team in the super bowl so i guess no one gets payed if he played bad in a game but he still got his momey to bad he lost it all for being a stupit

115 days ago


What a P.O.S....

115 days ago


WAS she a a bad waitress? Did she say 'boys' in a derogatory manner? Does he have a history of not tipping?

115 days ago


Lol that's rude of her to post the receipt I bet she gets fired

115 days ago


she called you a boy because men keep their word and pay off wagers they make.

what an insecure lil fruitcake

115 days ago


To Dan...I am a Kentucky borne white woman. I don't have a predjudice bone in my body. I see no color. I think people like you should not share the same air space as all of good people . Do us all a favor and go visit the Skyway Bridge. The Hate has to stop.

115 days ago


You stink as a waitress you don't deserve a tip. Period!!!

115 days ago


Tipping these days is a lot of b*llsh*t anyways, I still do it but definitely not when the service & food is lousy. All we're doing is supplementing big restaurants that want to pay their waitresses $3 while they pad their pockets.

115 days ago

billy pootons    

i actually believe sapp's side of the story

115 days ago


He has always been cheap! He parked Valet in Orlando for a Magic back in the day game at the TD waterhouse and then had one of his boys come move his hummer when he found out they could park at the arena for $5. He always stiffed us when he parked valet downtown too! Never would leave tips! Eventually we refused to let him park in the VIP lanes since we knew he was so cheap! A zebra cant cange its stipes!

115 days ago

Kitty Pussy Cat    

In my opinion, a tip is a thank you for a job well done. if the service isnt there, i agree, dont tip.

If its expected or demanded then just put it on my bill so i can pay because i have to !

115 days ago
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