DeAndre Jordan When In Amsterdam ...

0702_DeAndre_Jordan_amsterdam_smoking_joint_photos_launch_v2DeAndre Jordan's European vacation has moved to Amsterdam ... where the L.A. Clippers superstar did what everyone in Amsterdam does -- visited one of the famous coffee shops. The 7-footer was seen passing around a hand-rolled cigarette ... though it's unclear what was inside ... but, c'mon ... they don't call Amsterdam the weed capital of the world for nothing.  

Now, to be fair ... there are no photos of Jordan actually smoking the "cigarette" ... but you can definitely see him filling it up and clutching it in his hand ... holding it for a friend maybe??

Maybe. Or maybe not.

9:12 AM PT -- Seems DeAndre wasn't the only Clip on the trip ... you can see teammates Matt Barnes and Glen "Big Baby" Davis hanging out with the crew. 

Davis is definitely holding a rolled cigarette in one of the pics. Maybe he too is holding it for a friend.