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Kendall Jones

Dad Says She's Actually

A Humanitarian

7/3/2014 10:09 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF
Exclusive Details

0703_kendall_jones_hunting_photos_launchKendall Jones -- the teenage hunter whose animal kills have so enraged people -- is not the cold-blooded killer she's been made out to be ... so says her father. 

Cody Jones tells TMZ ... some of his daughter's killings were humane.  The pic of the dead lion, for example, was a mercy killing, he says, because the animal was old and unable to keep up with its pack. Kendall's dad says the lion's fate was sealed ... a younger lion would surely have killed it.

And he says his daughter has taken heat over the pic of her posing with a rhino.  He says the rhino is NOT dead -- it was injured by a lion and later tranquilized and taken to a vet.

As for the animals Kendall did kill ... her dad says the leopards, elephants and lions are not on the endangered species list.

PETA isn't buying the explanation Kendall's dad is selling, telling us, "Her only interest is slaughtering wildlife for a cheap thrill," adding she's showboating "in a desperate quest to secure a macabre reality show."


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the man    

Humans aren't on the endangered species list either. That doesn't mean you should kill one. Stupid logic for stupid people.

111 days ago


Yeah, the lion was a "mercy killing," cuz the very thought of another lion killing it and eating it for food is def NOT humane!! Give me a break! Get out of the way of nature, they can take care of themselves without needing us to kill them! Stupid!!

111 days ago


This girl is disgusting and a total a**hole.

111 days ago


In the animals defense. There are"animalumanitarians" & have full right. To haul,maul,& rip her apart. To her death. Along with any other morons. Who engage them ,for joy ride hunting.

111 days ago


Nice kills, makes for an awsome trophy room.

111 days ago


I personally know some of the big game hunting guides from South Africa and all of the meat from these animals are given to local villages which they rely on to survive. Its part of their culture. People with the means to hunt for sport are what keep their economies and way of life going in many of these areas. Thousands of animals are killed everyday in this country so that people can eat. Photos of slaughter house kill floors aren't posted on Facebook but it doesn't mean it doesn't happen. Everyone seems to be happy eating their chicken nuggets and big macs from animals that are killed by machines but if someone hunts for sport they are a terrible person? That's hypocritical.

111 days ago

Hell's Belle    

Humanitarian my ass! How stupid does he think we are?!?!

111 days ago


I can't even look at these pictures. If she died tomorrow, I'd be doing a jig down the street.

111 days ago


How do you get a thrill from killing animals She'll be a serial killer in a couple of years

111 days ago


People love to jump the gun and say how she is wrong. You are aware her and hunters a like are the ones saving these endangered animals? If she and the other hunters are willing to pay a lot of money to hunt these animals the people who receive that money put their efforts into breeding them so there are more and more to hunt.

111 days ago


She's proud of killing like it's a real accomplishment......not only is it cruel, but what's so hard about shooting a gun?

111 days ago


Wow this is crazy. I hope tha nxt animal she tries to kill gets her & her dumb ass dad. Kill 2 birds with 1 stone.

111 days ago


If the lion was so old why didnt they tranq the lion and take him to the vet and have him put down instead of being shot through the heart.......disgusting, sadistic girl and her family.

111 days ago


Last I checked, the circle of life didn't include trophy hunters. Or hunting for "the thrill". It disgusts me seeing this. Who could kill these animals? These red necks are so ignorant and full of it with their excuse. Lets see her out there in the wild without a gun. What a dumb b*tch.

111 days ago


THIS DUMB B*TCH. Such an ignorant girl. It is almost TOO EASY to spot lions on safaris. Not only that but they are in a PRIDE (so there can be lots of them). They are big cats. Anyone with a cat knows how they act. She is nothing but a coward. Anyone who kills these animals are cowards. She's a TX girl, she should stick to her own damn state and shoot their own damn animals. I just can't deal with these people. I think we should let her go out there without her gun next time and see what happens. Who could kill such a beautiful majestic animal? For what?? What a coward and a liar.

111 days ago
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