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'Opie and Anthony' Host

FIRED Over Racially Charged Tweets

7/4/2014 9:12 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF
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0704-anthony-greg-getty-01Anthony Cumia -- one half of popular radio duo "Opie and Anthony" -- was fired this morning for going on an online racial rant earlier this week.

For those who missed it ... Cumia called a black woman a "c*** animal" for allegedly punching him in the face while he took pictures of people in Times Square. He then went on an intense Twitter rant.

Anthony's now ex-bosses say they made the decision to fire him because the postings are "abhorrent to SiriusXM, and his behavior is wholly inconsistent with what SiriusXm represents."

It's unclear if the show will be cancelled, or if Anthony will just be replaced. Opie and Anthony have been broadcasting together since 1995.

Cumia tweeted Friday, "“We are living in a strange backward world. Where people support the attacker & the victim is the villain.”


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"his behavior is wholly inconsistent with what SiriusXm represents." -- Agreed. Only anal probings on the Howard Stern Show can wholly represent the company's values.

118 days ago


That's crap, ppl should say what ever they want. but opie and Anthony are pretty rude so I don't feel to bad for him.'

118 days ago


Why do they call it racist? Just because she's black?

118 days ago


How did that cracker honky ever think he was gonna get away with that?

118 days ago


Anthony was carrying a gun. The lady was attacking him and he chose not to defend himself. When other blacks started walking over to help the girl, again he chose not to pull his gun out and defend himself. And then he gets fired ? Unreal ! I guess he would have been better off to claim self defense and shot the lady. That way he wouldn't be fired. That way he wouldn't have been fired. I worked for a law firm a while back. The lawyers aways said, ' you can say whatever you want, and that is not a big deal. The moment you strike someone, then you committed a crime '. Sounds to me Anthony did the right thing. Why is he being punished ?!?

118 days ago

Mike Marchese    

Check his tweets....not ONE racist your homework!!!! Attacker called HIM "white motherf*cker"

118 days ago


This world is getting ridiculous. How is that racist?? And how can we have BET awards when we don't have White Entertainment Television awards?

118 days ago


So what did he say that was racist according to this article?? "C*** or ANIMAL? Neither are racial terms or are they suddenly racist terms? That's ridiculous. If he used the N word, that's different BUT if he didn't, his firing is uncalled for.

118 days ago

Bossy Potato    

Thank god. There's no room for people like that in this day and age. Yeah, a chick was mean to you. But don't call out the fact that she's black. That is irrelevant. I'm white and I probably would have reacted the same way if a creepy looking dude was taking a photo of me and midnight!

118 days ago


Are they going to disclose whatever he said that was 'racist'? I would think that if it was bad enough to fire him for, they could at least repeat it with x's so we would know what he said without them having to print it in full. Nothing that they wrote HERE indicates a 'racist rant'! Sounds like they were looking for an excuse to fire him, but if I were him I would sue if THIS is the only thing they have is calling a b***h that slapped him a c**t animal. How is THAT racist?

118 days ago


how is this race related?? Randomly punch someone in the face for no reason and you are an animal regardless of your race.

I hope he files battery charges.

118 days ago


Suddenly "animal" is racist?? Why because black people are often compared to monkeys/apes/gorillas? So what? I call my girlfriends birds, and I call guys roaches sometimes. People call cops PIGS all the time. Where's the cry of racism?? White people don't cry racism when people call them animal names because it's CRAZY. Wtf is wrong with people??? I defend all races when I feel the need to but if I want to call anyone (of any color) a C*** animal, I should be able to. Lol!

118 days ago

Unbroken Chain    

These guys get fired every couple years. He will be somewhere else in 6 months

118 days ago


Nagroes get a free pass for everything in this crewed up world. Google Tawana Brawley and see the true Zoo nature of the Nagrid peoples.

118 days ago

LINDSAY LOHAN'S next mugshot    

You must not u dont understand how talk radio or shock jocks work.

118 days ago
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