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'Opie and Anthony' Host

FIRED Over Racially Charged Tweets

7/4/2014 9:12 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF
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0704-anthony-greg-getty-01Anthony Cumia -- one half of popular radio duo "Opie and Anthony" -- was fired this morning for going on an online racial rant earlier this week.

For those who missed it ... Cumia called a black woman a "c*** animal" for allegedly punching him in the face while he took pictures of people in Times Square. He then went on an intense Twitter rant.

Anthony's now ex-bosses say they made the decision to fire him because the postings are "abhorrent to SiriusXM, and his behavior is wholly inconsistent with what SiriusXm represents."

It's unclear if the show will be cancelled, or if Anthony will just be replaced. Opie and Anthony have been broadcasting together since 1995.

Cumia tweeted Friday, "“We are living in a strange backward world. Where people support the attacker & the victim is the villain.”


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As a broadcaster think he has a responsibility to his listeners and should have kept his personal insults to himself.The fool got himself fired!!

80 days ago


LOL when will people learn you work for a high profile company you can't be out doing stupid **** or anything offensive because what company wants negativity associated with there employees? It's a reflection of them so you have to go...... dumbass

80 days ago


He won't be out of work long. They'll probably just go podcast. Sat radio is 90's tech anyway. And, she is still a piece of ghetto trash. Nothing changes that.

80 days ago


Typical.. nig out for a payday

80 days ago


I love love love love when white folks break down. They break down like a folding chair and just go on incredible rants. This clown just ended his own career. LONG LIVE SOCIAL MEDIA!

80 days ago


Tell us want ISN'T "racist" instead. Because it is a very short list. The left wing crazy have destroyed America.

80 days ago

Master Po    

This uneducated monster understands she was walking through times square and was being filmed 99% of the time by someone right?

Uneducated entitled cu*t animal.

80 days ago


He called her a coon

80 days ago


Anthony ***ia is a victim of African Americans like Hitler was a victim of the Jews.


And ranting on Twitter? Get a life bro. You got beat up by a girl. Deal with it and get on with your privileged life. As a fellow white guy, your whining is pathetic. Kind of like your show. Hell, I did't know people still listened to that drivel on a daily basis. Here's hoping he gets a cancer diagnosis - preferably stage IV with full metastasis to his lymph nodes, in the near future. That'll shut his a** up for a while.

80 days ago

Master Po    

Heres the picture of this dog.***ina-14-pic.jpg

80 days ago


Of course he's racist just took somebody to bring it out of his racist ass!!!! Go listen to Lex and Terry!!!! There awesome

80 days ago


His actual tweets were racially motivated statements (which his ignorant ass has every right to make) but as a public figure with a contract that he violated (signed to adhere to the stations morality clause while employed) they have every right to fire him. I can only imagine what he said to her to get hit...

80 days ago

Master Po    

Sorry the above blocks the link. Here is this ungly dogs picture. Hope she feels safe walking the streets.

80 days ago


Ghetto trash ARE animals. You see it do***ented here every day of the week.

80 days ago


This piece is kind to ***ia. If you only read this I'd say it isn't racially charged at all. But seek out the full rant of tweets. If he'd stuck to attacking the person who attacked him I'm not convinced we'd be discussing this. But he turned it into a broad indictment of inherent violence in the black community -- his words, not mine. And that it was 'open season on whites' and used the terms white and black to denote obvious positives and negatives. He didn't shoot her because he's white but if he'd been one of the black savages she'd be dead. It wasn't simply a descriptor of the situation - it was cause and effect. She was black and that had a great deal to do with the attack in his mind. I happen to be black and female and have never attacked anyone anywhere. I can only imagine his frustration at being victimized in public, but he should've stuck to criticizing the individual. Also? Can we all stop misinterpreting freedom of speech? He's not in prison. An employer who pays him to speak didn't like what he said and how it could affect their brand. All of us are beholden to rules of behavior when it comes to employment.

80 days ago
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