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Great White

Shark Attack

Insane Video

7/6/2014 6:18 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

A great white shark attacked a swimmer in Manhattan Beach CA and it was all caught on video.

The 7-foot shark was struggling on the wrong end of a fishing line near the pier. Shortly before the attack, the fisherman tried in vain for 40 minutes to reel the shark in ... the shark was agitated when some long- distance swimmers unwittingly crossed its path.

As video rolled ... the great white attacked one of the swimmers. People on the pier where the video was shot initially didn't realize someone was injured but soon thereafter it became apparent and they screamed at the people in the water to swim for their lives.

The attack victim sustained moderate injuries to his torso and is in stable condition.

The fisherman eventually cut the line.

TMZ Sports got this video shot last month of a 6-foot great white near the shoreline of Manhattan beach, as paddle boarders circled it.


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What a seriously ****ed up group of spectators. You are what is so wrong with society. Could not watch the whole thing because of your laughing at this horrific scene.

74 days ago


Really? These a**holes are laughing and mocking these swimmers? Someone should toss their stupid a$$es in the water and record them screaming. I'd record that and let their families watch. Wonder if they'd laugh? Smh

74 days ago

I steal pets    

laughing at tradgedy. I am speechless. Thank you TMZ for posting Tracy Morgan and a shark attack victim! Harvey has a special place in hell.

74 days ago


Regardless of whether or not the people filming the video knew the man was being attacked by a shark...it is NEVER a laughing matter when swimmers are that close to one. We may not know who they are, but their family and friends do, because I'm sure they bragged about the video. They have to live with their behavior. I can only hope they've learned from it.

74 days ago


Wish a shark would bite that "Utah" (screen name) douchebag's head off but I'm sure even a shark has higher standards than that!

74 days ago

Grim reaper    

I don't swim in oceans cause of sharks they need to kill them all to make it safe to swim.

74 days ago


It is repulsive that people would just stand there & laugh while someone is being attacked by a shark.what a horrible society we live in

74 days ago


This video is crap and that shark is a sissy

74 days ago


Cant see a thing in that video...as usual.

74 days ago


WTF?? They were laughfing? I didn't see anything funny. They the one's who shoulda got bit. Bet they wouldn't think it's funny then.

74 days ago


New low for TMZ - remove the video - pls - thank you

73 days ago


Comments defending these "kids" must be realitives of theirs..Sharks in beach areas are not funny..You can clearly hear screams while they laugh, it takes almost two minutes before they try to notify others that there is a shark..Please tell me Harvey did not pay these people..and what kind of person in the water, when told there is a shark and it has attacked, asks how big it is before deciding to GET OUT? maybe that 'drunk girl' should've chose that moment to take a long walk off a short p......

71 days ago
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