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Attorney Bert Fields


7/7/2014 8:31 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF
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Donald Sterling TrialDonald Sterling's trial is set to begin any minute in L.A. ... and the disgraced Clippers owner has not arrived -- and now, Shelly Sterling's lawyer says he believes Donald is "on the run."

Shelly's attorney Bert Fields just arrived to L.A. County Superior Court and after trashing Donald's "sham" motion to move the case to federal court ... said he believes Sterling is in hiding. 

"I even understand he left town," Fields said ... "That's the kind of guy he is. He's willing to do anything rather than face the music."

Fields added, "But he's ultimately gonna have to face it ... as Joe Louis once said, 'He can run but he can't hide.'"

Stay tuned ...

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No Avatar


I doubt he would be difficult to find.

106 days ago


He has no reason to run and he can buy and sell Shelly and her attorney!

106 days ago

Wow ...    

A man on the run doesn't parade himself around LA the way he has. But, I can see him playing games to delay the sale as long as possible. This might backfire though, proving he isn't well, as a lawyer , if he was of sound mind, he would fully understand why he has to be in court.

106 days ago




106 days ago


So he's a s***bag AND a coward? Not surprised.

106 days ago


Lawyer beating his chest. Only thing weaker than that lawyers words are his stretched out o-ring. I bet he has to cut his turds off on the rim of the toilet seat. A weak, powerless statement, made by an ambulance chasing, money hungry bottom feeder.

106 days ago


Uh, just check the nearest hospital. Grandpa probably fell and broke a hip.

106 days ago


Dude definitely doesn't have a sound mind. It reminds me of those situations where black athletes do something or say something stupid and the media looks into their past and find troubling ****...This time it's a billionaire j3w owner and the stuff they found is priceless...I mean cmon the guy was super rich and would beat his son senseless to the point where he would have to hide at a neighbors. The guys son was abused so bad he committed suicide. The guy would trim his hedges butt naked and the neighbors couldn't do **** about it bc he could buy the whole neighborhood. And on top of that you get all these managers, players and employees who were too afraid to speak up before now coming forward they're not helping the courts view of his character or his mental status. And I'm not a conspiracy theorist but I'm from nyc and I've noticed ethnicities stick together such as Africans help Africans, Arabs help Arabs and etc. And there's no way the old commissioner of the nba who was j3wish was gonna let ds go down b4 but now you have a good Christian in Adam silver who is not gonna hide or help someone like ds because of his religion or his wealth...If he has any real friends left they should commit him. Bye donald Tokawitz you won't be missed especially by people who have been bullied, degraded or disrespected by people just like you (rich assh0les)

106 days ago


Stay tuned... this is a ruse that his attorney and courts are on board. I haven't figured out the intent of this, but somehow Sterling will be exonerated--maybe under the guise of mental incompetency or some contrive bullsh!t. I
Meanwhile, he should keep giving his money to those black charities--they go through money like it was free and never have anything to show for it.

106 days ago


Umm what's up with the dude in the background?

106 days ago


Donald Sterling will win the case. Any attorney who spouts off like this one pre-trial is worried.
Marte Schott was a bigot as well but they could never prove it effected her ability to manage the team. What an owner says in private has no bearing on their right to retain ownership - recorded or not. He didn't commit a crime or go against the established NBA rules if ownership.
If the NBA wants to tighten up their standards now they can, but the rest of the owners won't go along. Like it or not, they can sill have their own personal opinions and private conversations without fear of retribution.
This guy has to prove Mr. Sterling 's prejudice carried over to the daily operations of the team. That's not going to happen.

106 days ago

Cookie Lady    

On the run? Doubtful. He's probably shacked up with a new tranny who is counting the hours until she/he can betray him like the last tranny did.

106 days ago

Unbroken Chain    

Poor Mr Sterling. I DInt think he has any idea what's going on anymore. Soon he will be seen being pushed around LA by a Jamaican helper. Do they have that in LA? In Florida all the old Jews have a Jamaican lady. It's hilarious to watch

106 days ago


Why use the term "On the run " ???....Is he going to Jail

106 days ago


Simple. Stake out all Sizzlers around 4pm when the Senior Special steak and shrimp dinner special starts...

106 days ago
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