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Teen Hunter Kendall Jones

Facebook Page with 'Kill Threat'


7/10/2014 10:34 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Kill Kendall Jones Facebook Page

The "Kill Kendall Jones" Facebook page has been mysteriously taken down.

TMZ broke the story this morning ... Kendall's dad Cody went on the attack against Facebook because the site refused to remove the threatening page, saying it did not rise to the level of genuine risk or physical harm.

Cody disagreed, noting the page showed animals similar to the ones Kendall killed during her hunts but in reverse ... the prey were the victors, standing over the body of the hunter.

Facebook has not given a reason for the take down ... at least so far.  

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No Avatar


See ya Kendall....hope u end up in a lion's stomach...oh yeah and your exploitive parents too. Redneck trash at its finest.

69 days ago

Mark Santeramo    

She should not be surprised at this reaction...the internet is lsrgely pro-animals, especially exotic ones like she has killed. Shame its come to threats but she shouldn't pretend she didn't see it coming.

69 days ago


"I don't get all the outrage at this particular female. Is it because she is " attractive"?" ---- Indeed, it is. The fat chicks of TMZ comments hate everybody prettier than them. The bitter gays just hate everybody, everywhere.

69 days ago

Mumra the Ever Living    

Just to let you know, that isn't just any old lion, that is a white lion, a genetic mutation that is incredibly rare in the wild, and will be now be nothing more than a dust gathering trophy on some never seen wall.

69 days ago


Some people bring about their own problems

69 days ago


Please, can we have Facebook pages on ALL of the Japanese fisherman who are shrinking the world's whale population? This whole episode reeks of sexism...and if Miss Jones were _not_ an attractive white woman, you can bet your bottom dollar there wouldn't even be a story to begin with.

69 days ago


fat girls hate pretty girls.

69 days ago

Just saying    

TMZ you didn't "break" this, and it's not an exclusive. An Alaska reporter on twitter tweeted about the page yesterday (it was on your site even) and the guy tweeted again this morning about the page being taken dow (about two hours before your story). At least source your information right.

69 days ago


Here Kendall, Kendall, Kendall....... Click Click BOOM, BIT*H!!!!!

69 days ago


She is a shining example of humans at their worst.

69 days ago

Shaken not stirred    

Nothing to be proud of.... you sick, sick, spoiled brat! What a beautiful animal you have killed. All for a picture? Just sickening.

69 days ago


Little whiney brat needs Daddy to come to her aid..Boo****inhoo...People like this make me sick about society in general....Your a bratty bitch ,I'm wishing it was the other way around as well...that you were the prize in the picture not them..sad to see in this day and age people killing for ego and greed...

69 days ago

Az Heat    

Hope she becomes the hunted one day! Her daddy can't protect her forever! I hope she gets to feel the same pain she put these animals in!

69 days ago

Az Heat    

I hope she gets gang raped and then finds out she has cancer!

69 days ago


I agree with everyone here that she shouldn't be killing animals etc. I am not into violence against animals either....HOWEVER, FB in no way should have told her father they wouldn't take down that page as there was no threat around it. There are psycho's in this world and who knows who would have went through with it.

69 days ago
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