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Teen Hunter Kendall Jones

Facebook Page with 'Kill Threat'


7/10/2014 10:34 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Kill Kendall Jones Facebook Page

The "Kill Kendall Jones" Facebook page has been mysteriously taken down.

TMZ broke the story this morning ... Kendall's dad Cody went on the attack against Facebook because the site refused to remove the threatening page, saying it did not rise to the level of genuine risk or physical harm.

Cody disagreed, noting the page showed animals similar to the ones Kendall killed during her hunts but in reverse ... the prey were the victors, standing over the body of the hunter.

Facebook has not given a reason for the take down ... at least so far.  

Story developing



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Instead of wasting so much energy on spewing hate toward some chick you'll never know, defending animals that you probably haven't even thought about since you watched the Jungle Book when you were 6, maybe find something a little more local. Since you're so passionate, volunteer your time to anything but this and stfu!

72 days ago


She is vile.

72 days ago


What's sickening is people complain and advocate for animals but are all about abortion and killing others! People have been hunting since the beginning of time. People bitch about stupid stuff! That's how that country makes money. The tribes keep that meat to feed the people. I bet more than half the people says vile things about this girl wear or eat something involving animals! Stfu!

72 days ago


Please stop showing that little piece of garbage.

72 days ago



72 days ago


The crime is that these beautiful animals died for pure sport and photo ops!!

72 days ago


The animals lying dead beneath you Miss Jones, lived a life on the soil of their ancestors, walked a million steps, could tell from the slightest change in the wind, or blade of grass moving if rain was coming, if the seasons were changing, or a mate wandered into their path. These lives are gone now. These same deceased animals you pose with knew where the best places to nap were, Shade in the hot sun, or best little swimming hole was. The cheetah will no longer run 40mph just because he can, or the Rino who survived poachers only to be dead beneath your manicured nails. The Elephant now dead will, who's ancestors lived longer than you or I ever will, will not walk with its family and will be mourned by its heard.

So, while your heart raced, and adrenaline rushed through your young body, and you peered down the scope of your rifle, to the voice of your parents, or guide telling you the right moment to "shoot"! Did you ever take a moment to think any thing of its life? Why you thought its life is less worthy of living than yours? Did you imagine what was it like for it to take its last breaths, because you just missed the perfect spot and it slowly bled out, was if it not scared? If its last moments alone were of its "family" or Why? Do you think for a moment that its heart was racing like yours only moments before? The fear and adrenaline were the same as yours at that very moment your bullet pierced its body? I don't think so. Who are you or anyone to have the audacity to think it is ok to take the life in this way of any other living being EVER!

72 days ago


Karma..will be when the animals chew her up...

72 days ago


People really need to get their facts right. A lot of the time, she kills these animals due to overpopulation. The rest she tranquilizes. The rhino was tranquilized to be helped with an injury. Everyone needs to get over it already and stop saying to kill her. Its pathetic.

72 days ago


She is smoking... Just like her gun

72 days ago


Facebook has a no bullying policy. I wish that more of the hurtful sites on Facebook should be taken down more often. It's ridiculous.

72 days ago


We love you Kendall. Now kill me some Bacon mmmmmmmm

72 days ago


I'm certainly not a supporter of Kendall's joy of killing. However, the folks supporting that Facebook page are really out of line!

72 days ago


Posing for a picture next to a dead animal is disgusting. I'll never understand.

72 days ago

Dr. Cornelia J. Dogbarker PhD    

I'd like to see her naked. I'm sure she enjoys killing animals and then screwing a bunch of random guys.

72 days ago
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