Steve Guttenberg I Ain't 'Fraid Of No 'Ghostbusters 2' ... Cause it Never Came Out

7/10/2014 7:40 AM PDT

Steve Guttenberg can't remember if he turned down the lead role in "Ghostbusters" (as legend has it) ... but there's one thing he's positive about -- there was NEVER, EVER a "Ghostbusters 2."

Steve was so sure about it when we ran into him in NYC last night ... he was willing to place a hefty wager with our camera guy.

Problem is ... "Ghostbusters 2" came out in 1989.

It's pretty shocking considering Gutes is such a legend of '80s movies -- yet seems to have no clue about the sequel (albeit a bad one) to the biggest comedy of the '80s.

Watch the video -- it's possible he's joking -- but he seems really emphatic that the river of slime, Vigo the Carpathian, and the dancing toaster never existed.

We wish, Steve.