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Tween Headbangers

Score HUGE Record Deal

7/13/2014 12:45 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

The pint-sized heavy metal musicians who became a huge hit at Coachella have just signed a spectacular contract with a huge record label that will make them the richest kids on their block.

The band -- Unlocking the Truth -- formed when the kids were just 10 and 11.  They were so good they were quickly booked on Amateur Night at the Apollo.  But they hit it big at the ripe old ages of 12 and 13 ... when in April they became the youngest group ever to perform on the main stage at Coachella.

The kids -- who are now 3 strong with a 13-year-old bassist -- got noticed by none other than Sony and just signed a great deal, which was filed with the court and obtained by TMZ.  Under the contract, they'll get the following advances:

-- $60,000 for the first album
-- $325,000 for the second
-- $400,000 for the third
-- $450K for the fourth
-- $550K for the fifth

Mind you, if they sell enough records they'll also get royalties.

And get this ... their influences are Metallica, Slipknot and Disturbed.




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I like them. Wanna see how they evolve!

64 days ago

Mani Beltran    

Signing to major label in one of the worst mistake a rock band can do... I know people that have had such contracts and it doesnt work out. Best things for rock/metal acts is too sign with indie labels, they pay more attention to the artists than these major labels. I wouldnt be surprised if they do "poorly" according to major label standards and get dropped.

64 days ago

boo boo    

Those kids are seriously cute looking. Don't blow it boys!

64 days ago


Hey good for them and they sound great!! I hope they stick to it and it takes them far!! I see a young Jimi Hendrix on the guitar

64 days ago


What a dumb band name. They need to be one or two syllables. And you already signed a dumb contract. You future isn't very bright, as far as you making any money from album sales. Whoever is managing them is an idiot.

64 days ago


60K advance to split between three people for the first albumless taxes, agent and manager commission, which could take a year to produce? This is an amazing deal? Really? What's each kid going to get when all is said and done for album #1? $ 10,000?

64 days ago


If by "Heavy Metal" you mean not even remotely close, than yes. Slipknot? Disturbed? Haha, This article has to be a joke! Maybe mallcore at best.

64 days ago


at least they actually play instruments...sick of that auto-tune crap...

64 days ago


Emi Sunshine just ten years old and has two cd's and has just been invited to the Grand Old Opry August 5th 2014. You Tube has tons of video of her and her band the Rain.

64 days ago


Aww, they're already throwing up the devil horns. The music industry is evil.

64 days ago


Guess a Cult Of Personality remake is inevitable. Living Color would be proud. Break out the neon wetsuits everyone. Give me a break.

64 days ago

She's baaaack    

I'm Sicilian. Those fingers are making devil signs. I wear gold to ward them off. So if it is the sign of calling the devil in Sicilian, dating back hundreds of years, what does it mean in Black?

64 days ago


I'm happy but worried for them! I'm happy they are playing music if that's what they love and they are ready to go to bigger stages and audiences, let's do it. I am worried about the manager, parents, anyone sticking their hand in the cookie jar while the kids are doing all the work. You can't trust anyone when money and kids are involved.

64 days ago


You fn people are ridiculous ... Don't be mad bc they're following their dream and you work a dead end job. I give major props to these kids ... Actually making real music and playing real instruments instead of mixing beats on a board. Ill be buying their album.

64 days ago


I'm not record exec but, that deal they signed doesn't look all that hot. Especially considering that it has to get split 3 ways.

64 days ago
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