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Bright Eyes Singer Conor Oberst


'Rape' Victim Says She Lied

7/14/2014 11:51 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF
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Conor Oberst Rape
The woman who accused Bright Eyes frontman Conor Oberst of rape, flat out LIED ... and lied to get attention.

It's shameful and shocking ... Joanie Faircloth says she pressed her claim publicly for 6 months.  But now she says, "I made up those lies about him to get attention while I was going through a difficult period in my life and trying to cope with my son's illness."

Faircloth -- who claimed Conor came onto her backstage after a 2003 concert and forced himself on her after she said she was a virgin -- now apologizes to Conor, his family and his fans.  She also acknowledges her conduct could undermine legitimate sexual assault claims. 

But some damage has already been done.  For starters, Conor says his publishing company did not pick up a $200,000 option which he attributes to the bad press Faircloth created.

Conor has sued Faircloth for $1.2 mil.


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Take THAT, all you skanky feminists. Women like this should be locked up.

38 days ago


Maximum jail time for filing a false police report and civil litigation where she pays him every dime he lost on business and every penny he spent in legal fees plus loss of reputation slander. Anything less is not justice.

38 days ago


Once on 20/20 there was a female doctor who did DNA testing who said she has no trust at all in women. Women would swear up and down this is the father, I've never been with anyone else, I'm only sleeping with my boyfriend/husband etc. and 9 out of 10 times the guy of course wasn't the sad. So 90% of the time the woman flat out lied. Well that's exactly why DA's don't like to prosecute he said she said cases because of the rate of lies told by females. It's revolting because the liars out there make it so hard for girls telling the truth. Sometimes it makes me sick when I see families and there is the one kid who looks nothing like the rest of the family and nothing like his dad. Dad I'm sick, I need a liver transplant. Oh we don't match? Mommy was a lying ho!? According to 20/20 so are 90% of the women out there. 90%! Sickening.

38 days ago


She should go to JAIL she ruined his career. Hope he gets every penny of that 1.2 million even though shes a broke single mom who probably doesn't even know who the baby's father is SMH....

38 days ago



38 days ago


Charge and sentence her just as if she was a rapist. It's people like her that cause real victims of rape and sex crimes not to report them.

38 days ago

harvey is racist    

please connor dont drop the lawsuit

Sue her for all that she has..

Im sure she put out this apology so that she can publicly shame him to drop his lawsuit.

But do it for all the guys out there that get effed up by women falsely accusing them of rape and have their life ruined.

38 days ago


And that's another strike against the legitimate claims of rape from real victims. I hope he takes her to the cleaners and then presses charges.

38 days ago


She should go to jail and pay all his legal fee's as well as pain & suffering for all the embarrassment. Trash.

38 days ago

harvey is racist    

in fact that entire website Xojane is filled with the most attention starved drama queen women in the world.

Such a toxic website that attracts the bottom of the barrel desperation women in the world

fat women going on and on about being fat and how the world is unfair to them
spoiled chicks b1tching bout some nonsense topic that no one cares aobut.


38 days ago


Such a heavy accusation which doesn't easily wash off. Horrible, deplorable people make accusations like this. And she says she did it for 'attention'? She should be imprisoned and fined. I hope he continues with the lawsuit.

38 days ago


Things like this are the reason why people are not believing women anymore. This has been going on for a very long time. She is one of the few who admitted she was lying. I'm glad she admitted to this huge lie, but the damage has been done.

38 days ago

Jamey Hunter    

2003? She waited this long to come out with this garbage? I don't know who he is, don't care, either. But there has to be some punishment for this chick.

38 days ago


all the while real victims are afraid to report their abusers because of lies like this, stupid bitchhes ruining real life real victims chances of being believed and daring to even accuse some abuser, she has done so much harm to other REAL VICTIMS of abuse!!!!!!!!!! dont ever LIE!!!!!!!!

38 days ago

What I Think    

I liked the song Bright Eyes when it was first released but I'm surprised to hear that he had a musical career as late as 2003. I had always thought of him as being just another one hit wonder.

38 days ago
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