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Sherri Shepherd

Anyone Who Knows Me Knows ...

I'm Not a Hypocrite

7/21/2014 1:51 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

072114_sherri_shepherd_launchSherri Shepherd is scoffing at Lamar Sally calling her a hypocrite in their custody war ...  telling us anyone who knows her, knows Lamar is full of BS. 

Shepherd was judged today but not by Lamar ... by a real judge in a different custody fight she's having with ex-husband Jeff Tarpley over their nine-year-old son.   He now wants full custody.

Sherri was mum about her fight with Sally on the way out ... but when we brought up his questioning of her Christian values ... well she just had to answer.


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She is having a hard time. Cut her some slack.

94 days ago

Gru V    

As her life continues to blow up, surely the folks at The View must be SO happy to have unloaded her...

94 days ago

Jamey Hunter    

I don't really know much about her, but it seems she was an idiot for marrying the guy who looked at her as his meal ticket. Neither of them should have custody of this child when it is born. I don't like the idea that she will probably be able to walk away from any responsibility concerning the child. She went into the stupid surrogacy arrangement, she needs to be held accountable as well.

94 days ago


Sherri this is the first time that you made me laugh. I can't wait to see who wins this battle over Jeffrey. You are a hypocrite and your head is empty. In California they usually give the child to the mother but hoping that this judge has a head on his or her shoulder and give Jeffrey to his father.

94 days ago


Anyone who knows her..... I feel sorry for. She is clearly a despicable human being. The best thing for that unborn child would for him or her to never have to meet this horrible woman.

94 days ago


When this child is born and IF the woman who gives birth to him or her decides to keep it, this bitch should be made to pay child support to her. She signed a contract and made a commitment to be a mother to this child when its born. She cant just say she never really wanted the child in the first place just because her marriage broke up.

94 days ago


So,sick of,nearing about this hypocritical bitch! Her abortions and thinking the world is flat and thinking the Malaysia Airlines was abducted by aliens.... Do we really have to hear anymore about her stupidity? She is dumb as a box of rocks! She could care less about an unborn baby that interferes with her D list career. Heard she is shopping around a reality show to BET and OWN.....quick emotional recovery.....right?

94 days ago

Ron Fing Swanson    

She looks like a woman that would only be happy if she was at a buffet.

94 days ago


How did this loudmouth get famous? Did she ever do anything before that yacking yentafest horrorshow she was on?

94 days ago

oh really     

Terrible situation, but this lady didnt order a pizza, and she wants to return it .
It is a baby, that she said she would raise , as a mother..
I could have told her the guy was using her , just like I could have told Paul Mac Cartney wife wanted a baby for the support, but if you get yourself into something like this , then you step up to the plate and take responsability
This poor baby ..has to grow up with this garbage on the internet ..shame on these selfish adults

93 days ago

Black Adam    

She bashed Jehovah's Witnesses and now look at her. If she actually read the Bible she would have made better decisions. She 's always in other dudes faces throwing innuendo's left and right. Don't nobody want you, sit down! And she looks like her breath smells like Hot Garbage.

93 days ago


Until you have walked a mile in her shoes who are we to judge? Everyone makes mistakes. Last time I checked the only person that walked on water is not a part of the TMZ community. Sherri was upfront t about her past so stop and think about it. What would you do? While I do not know them personally I've had a chance to see both Whoopi(who I spoke with) and Sherri(I didn't). Both ladies were amazing. The difference? Sherri's act was clean. Whoopi's I knew what to expect. Sherri is not a fool nor is she fat. It kills me that is all some people can come up with. She is going through a really hard time. So why be hateful towards her?

93 days ago


No, you're just a dumbass. See ya.

93 days ago


She is despicable! A total phony and yes she's a hypocrite, too!

93 days ago


What a gamble... to have a child to secure child support payments, but running the risk of not getting child support payments & having to raise that child with your own finances.

92 days ago
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